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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are you (RED)dy now?

zara inspired top and skort : DRESSLICIOUS / shoes : vincci / bag : zara 

Are you ready for Tiesto?! HELL YEAH! 
obviously I'm a lil over-excited over Tiesto in Malaysia this coming saturday.

WOW! time flies. Time speeded by like a mad driver, especially when you're busy.
I'm sorry that I haven't updated my blog for.. almost a month (?!), it's insane, this is so not me.
And I'm so sorry for the people who come to my blog wondering if I updated yet or not, well my sincere apologies goes to you.
But thank god for Instagram, cause I keep myself updated there, sorry rephrase, I update myself there almost daily.
It's like my picture diary, and I'm sure it's the same for a lot of people. :) 

Anyways, I can't wait for Tiesto club life in Malaysia 2013 organized by Future Sound Asia which is happening this saturday! 
countdown to 4 more days, 5th of October, it's already the 1st of the month damn, just a few more days to go!
Oh My God, finally something to look forward to after a full month of non-stop working, ahh
finally time to rave and party and have fun all you want, haha. 
Sudden thought, I think I should make a "what to wear for rave" video, cause man ,
i've been wondering what to wear for a very very long time :P 
okay, OOTD 

If you've notice, I flooded my blog (and instagram sometimes) with many white on white ootds.
And I'm sorry if it may seem to be getting a bit boring, but shit nigga, I'm totally digging the white vibe.
I know it gets tricky sometimes when you're eating laksa or some splash-y food that may splash on your white top,
but I feel that it's such an easy color to wear because frankly, everything matches with white. 
And I feel that somehow wearing white gives you a fairer skin, cause the color acts as a reflector whenever you take photos:P
don't need anymore whitening products and don't need anymore time to apply it on your skin cause,
It's becoming my comfort wear, because I just noticed terrifyingly my wardrobe consist of 50% white outfits!!
p/s, i just went through most of my previous blog post and i was wearing a white top in almost all of them...
scarzy*(!) and concerning.

Anyways, I've been eyeing on this tiger top and structured skort from Zara since their last season! 
But too bad the pieces were over-budget for me in Zara, all I could do was to try them on in the fitting room
and pray that they look hideous on me, but too bad they were so comfy and I loved the quality so much!!
I needed T shirts because I cut most of mine already for gym, 
and gosh, don't you think big sized Tshirts are cute and comfy at the same time?!
Too bad again, I had to put them back on the rack because I'm so poor :(  

But good thing for those who are like me, aka MOST OF US, there's an inspired version that you can get from DRESSLICIOUS
I've tried both versions and frankly I prefer the quality of the inspired version because 
the material is not that thick compared with the one from Zara itself. The tiger top from Zara is so much more thick 
and you'll probably sweat faster, because the material made is not meant for our local malaysian weather.

anyways, I'm loving both the top and the skort,
I know this skort has been worn by many bloggers and people around and I used to call it the "sarung" because of it's shape.
Don't you think its folded shape looks abit like the malaysian sarung? No? okay then it's just me. haha.
I love the structure and I think it's soooo cute!: )
thanks again DRESSLICIOUS
they have stuff from hats to cool bottoms and tops too, check them out guys! 

* a new word for scary + crazy


Ice Pandora said...

You look nice, lovelovelove that
transperant clutch of yours c;
Have fun at Tiesto club event!

Rakel said...

perfect post!

linsey sijmons said...

Your blog is so original! Love it :)


Judas Lee said...

the fab skorts!
and the clutch is quite stunning!


nadia saadon said...

Lovin' your style!
If you dont mind i have a blog and really appreciate it if you can drop by and dot down some feed back. If you like it, follow it and i defenitely will follow back. Pinky promise! =)
p/s: im from malaysia as well =)