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Monday, December 17, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : sheer raglan shimmer blouse from UGLYDUCKLING
bottom : floral high waist pants from ELFINTREATS
shoes : black boots from FRIENDLYFASHION
accessories : transparant shades from VINCCI
tribal necklace from ALDO
white earrings from ELFINTREATS

I've been reading a lot of books lately this sem break. 
and I do revel in reading under the daylight 
where my eyes adjust well with the text on the cream papers of my book. 
I enjoy the smell of a new book and honestly I find happiness in these little things. 
my current read is a desirable residence by Sophie Kinsella .
I find the front part of it a lil confusing for me 
since the way she writes is not only a one person perspective,
but now I'm right at the middle part and it's getting more interesting here. 
I can't wait to finish it so I can move on with Chocolate Run and Time Traveler's Wife.
They're all old books that I bought all just for Rm8 each at Big Bad Wolf's book warehouse sale! 

However I have a confession to make, 
I've alwayyys wanted to read 50 shades, 
and I want to read them before they start producing it into a crappy movie! 
However I know that people will go like ewwwww, she's reading 50 shades. 
And i know that it'll never be a book that I will read in public.
Some immature guys will go like " Guys just watch porn, but girls are more classy, They READ." URGH.
or even sometimes whenever I see people taking pictures, and there on the table lies a 50 shade book, 
I'll surreptitiously say in my heart "OMG, she's reading 50 shades" .
I really do wanna buy the trilogy but if it's RM100 for all 3 of them, 
it's quite risky because I don't want it to turn out all just as a porn book.
And rm100 for porn books are just a waste of money! 
So if anyone of you has read them please let me know they're not all about porn.

And if anyone's selling off their 50 shades trilogy please do let me know! thank you, lol.

I recently bought this transparent shades that I most adore! 
anything transparent really grabs my attention because i think it's ubber cool!
I saw it on sales in vincci and I was like @)*#)!*)!($!#( MUST GRAB!! :P
and now, I'm searching for the perfect leggings, the weathers getting cold now,
So i'm finding for a half latex leggings, the ones on the sides.
I seriously hate to wear those full latex leggings, in my opinion,  
it seriously looks cheap and like it's from some pasar malam, lol.
the only one who can pull this look off is VictoriaBeckham

anyways, here's a surprise from my official sponsor ELFIN TREATS
it's a super cute b/w floral pants that is a surprise picked by her for me:) 
I think it really suits me well becaussee anything high waist is cute! 
and I really like the fact that it's black and white so I can match it with anything! 
she was also so sweet to drop in these pretty sparkly earrings that matched my whole outfit too.
Thank you! 

I matched it with a real surprise gift from UGLY DUCKLING
seriously I wasn't expecting being sponsored again from them, but OH GOODIE! 
they are so so so sneaky! 
They dropped in this top just a few days ago and a lovely skirt that I can't wait to show you guys:)
Thank you so much for the huge surprise dear. Check out their very colorful xmas collection here

back to the topic

oh yea, watsons music festival

we got our free passes from one our classmates, BANNY! 
since he wasn't gonna be in malaysia during this time. 
I think also everyone (except the VIPs) got free tickets....
which I think is quite sad......
all you need to do is.. buy stuff from Watson ? 
And who's not UP for a partiesssssssssss ;D 
I came for FAR EAST MOVEMENT ! but there were also mizznina and B.O.B

le us before entering the crowd 
( pretty + clean + smell nice + neat hair )

le us after entering the crowd! 
( messy + wet + sticky + sweaty + hectic )
hence the blur group photo.

le me in a cheap rain coat that I bought from Watsons.
I look like a garbage here. all you have to do is tie me up and put me in the dumpster.
but at least i'm not a sad smelly shitty one. LOL

thankfully after it rained for a while it stopped and we were all garbage-free!!

Overall I had a great time hanging with the girls and ramesh.
However the only pissyfying part of the night were the very crappy MCs on stage.
I don't wanna talk about it much here but I think they were the guys from Hitz fm ?
If I'm not mistaken it was Ryan and... er, arthur? LOL. 
I could only remember the name Ryan because it reminds me of Ryan higa,
but whatever, I think they're stalling were... the worst ones I've seen so far...
I mean I've seen many MCs on stage before, but none were as bad as they were...
If you were there yourself, you would know what I mean.
Even boring college on stage MCs talking on stage were more interesting. 
And it's a quite sad thing that I had to go through this horrible terrible vegetable stalling they were doing.
I mean, they're not... entertaining at all ?
I donno if that's the right word to say it. 
they were not even funny..............
okay, Nevermind, I'm just glad it's over. haha! 


peace out! 


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Looks like a lot of fun!

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Oh, gorgeous look <3 I like your shorts so much :)

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woow <3 you're beautiful, you have a wonderful style! I admire your blog :)

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Very nice outfit! :*

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So happy to see you wearing those boots!! :D Glad we swapped. I am still in love with the pink skirt that you swapped with me.