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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dancing Trex X UDCLOSET sponsor

photo credit : JIAZ


top : Trex tee from TOPSHOP
outerwear : denim jacket from CHICPOP BAZAAR
bottom : high waist multicolor shimmer skirt UGLYDUCKLING
shoes : black pumps from ZARA
accessories : TREX socks from TOPSHOP
metallic bag from ALDO
collar from DIVA

Can't you believe 2012 is coming to an end, 
and by all rights I don't mean the world is gonna end.
It's the last friday of 2012, and what better way to spend it then writing my blog. haha! 
okay, that came out very sarcastically and lame, but honestly, WHAO! time flew! 
the last time I wrote a post was almost 2 weeks ago! I absolutely cannot believe that.

Many things has caught me up recently, and like as I said in my previous post i've been reading alot.
and honestly A desired residence is a shit hole work of literature that I've spend so long squandering on.
I should have stopped right when I thought the book was confusing, but no, 
my double-cross kindness of giving the book a chance had let me on the road of frittering away my time.
Let me tell you what's a good read. Dorothy Koomson's books are the best read. 
it's cheers you up instantly, especially chocolate run which i took a hold of for just 5 days.
I love books where the writing is so good it gives the characters a real character! 
like you could actually feeel it, the situation, and the drama. 
And it's a bonus if the book makes you laugh till your mama outside can hear you.
I was reading it throughout the whole christmas week and my busy schedule couldn't keep me away from that book.
that dose of laughter I needed everyday, and of course, her not-too-overly-dramatic stories engulfed me.
I was taken ahold of, like a drug, the book was my constant need whenever I wasn't doing anything.
And even when I was tired and needed rest, the book would be on my hands as my eyes were doing exercise 
from left to right they would go, as my mind imagining the whole scene. 
Remembered how I said I wanted to go for a diet this holiday, well, 
my eyes have dropped a whole kilo after tons of reading.
I loved that book, I love it.
but anyways, somehow I'm essaying a whole book review here, and I shall stop now. 
If only there was a local book club where I could go to, haha! 

anyway the 1st thing I wanna say is, GOD BLESS UGLY DUCKLING for sponsoring me this pretty fancy skirt.
It totally reminds me of new years! you know the Champagne, the multicolor fireworks, the glitter.
it's all in this skirt , FUN! 
this is the skirt that I said in my previous post, it was a surprise for me cause they were so amazing! 

recently, I've been buying a lot.
this close-to-a-satchel-bag is a new love for me in my closet! 
and can you see... what weird outfit I match up for this shoot!? It's absolutely random!!
At first I wanted to give it a whole Trex theme (hinthint trex socks and tee) but then the whole time
during the shoot I was thinking "I am a bloody dinosaur with a jacket in the middle of the dessert"
reading a lot, buying a lot, oh, and eating a lot. that's what I've mostly been doing this holiday.
I've been buying alot not only to myself. but I've been giving a lot too. like a whole lot! 
I've been buying presents for people I don't normally buy presents for, 
and just to see their unexpected face lid up to a smile, is priceless...
I love the feeling of making people smile, it's just makes me feel so good inside.
especially the ones that thought that you don't think of them.

I'm hungry now, so I'm off to get fat.
there's currently 5 un-read books on the shelve waiting for me to eat them! 
including a book about cows (ikr wtf), life of pi, and yes... 50 shades has it's place there too.
hehe, ciao! 


Bellamoreway said...

im in love with your skirt! also the denim jacket suits so well <3

Kate Sarah said...

That skirt is gorgeous! And i love how you styled it with the metallic bag. I think i need more metallics in my life... Lovely photos too!
-Kate, xo

blackberryfashion said...

Gorgeous!! Lovely skirt!!

Leticia said...

beautiful pictures! the background, breathtaking! fun skirt!

Lucija said...

Wow, how gorgeous you look! That skirt is fab!


Modelion said...

cute pictures!

usually i hate websites where the music just turns itself on, but you apparently have good taste, so THANKS you rock!

Rory said...

So obsessed with your skirt and satchel! Love the photos too. Good photos make the oufit even better! :)
Enter my Fifth and Orient giveaway and check back everyday this week for ANOTHER new giveaway!

Robert Welain said...

And again, amazing looks, girl. Reblogged it here.