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Monday, November 26, 2012


I've been dead lately. dying because everyday I've been sleeping at 5am for two days straight and waking up at 9am the next day. It's my finals that's why, and I can't believe I don't have the time to even write or rant about this stressful nights. urgh! 2 more weeks people. 2 more weeks and I'm free! Oh, btw, GREAT NEWS. just decided to shut down =_=, that means that I CAN NEVER HAVE MY PLAYLIST OF SONGS THAT I RELY ON EVERYDAY BACK! :( I'm sad till no end because that playlist really played a huge role of making my blog a better place to be in, everyday I would come here just to listen to those songs but now it's all gone and I can't remember what songs were there... Sad till no end I tell ya. and I'm so sorry for those of you guys who regularly come to my blog JUST to listen to my songs T_T I'm so sorry. and I know some of you DO come to my blog just to listen to my songs without reading what I'm writing, haha! it's okay, the songs are better than this shitty post anyways, haha! let's team up and build a protest page for mixpod! sigh. at the mean time I'm relying on this new one, which I hate the ugly bar on the bottom, but I'm rushing so just feed off of this one. I don't even know what the name is this music player called, but yea, these are some of the songs I've been listening to lately, I'm gonna portion my sadness with you guys starting with lykke li's I know places. but i know none of them can replace my old mixpods one, *cries* i feel like I got stabbed in the heart! I'm so sad! anyone has any recommendation for music players for blog other than mixpod? 

meanwhile, just enjoy looking at these pretty sparkling stones that I found 

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sharon lei said...

Killin' it with this look, hun. Love the sequin crop.

xx Love & Aloha