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Friday, November 30, 2012


photo credit : AMANDA KOK


top : denim jacket from TOPMAN
inner top : sequin topshop inspired crop tank top from UGLYDUCKLING
bottom : metallic skirt from ELFINTREATS
shoes : black velvet ankle strap flats from BANGKOK
accessories : neon studded bracelet from JUJUMILKY

first off, I'm so sorry that my blog is awfully quiet! 
as you can see in my previous post, mixpod died.
and the new player that i was trying kindda fucked up my blog a bit.
so bare with this alarming quietness that I'm not used to with either people,
a new player will be coming soon :) 

and according to my picture, what I meant by a dying disco diva doesn't really make any sense, haha! 
the whole outfit reminds me of a disco that's all, and the fact that me being so tired lately, hence "dying".
can you believe that this outfit was taken almost 2 weeks ago???
 that really explains how busy I am, and I can barely smile then !
just look at the photos and my stressful face! :( I pity myself.
but now that I'm a-okay now. indulging on my haagen dazs belgian ice-cream, I feel alright, 
and that i can concur my blog space again. :) I'm back here with my own comfort writing again.
It's been a long long time (for me) since I felt that I wrote a proper blog post,
I've been complaining about my finals that i've been facing for almost a month now, 
but for this post, nope I'm not gonna mention any stressful stuffs. to hell you stressful nights! 

btw, I'm not wearing my glasses now, cause I lost them today so pardon me if there's any grammar error, 
I'm practically blind now, and my life's a bokeh-mess today. 
I cannot see who were those people who was waving at me today without my specs!

the other day i was watching twilight, and if you were a close friend of mine, 
you would KNOW that i'm in lovee with taylor lautner for a fairly long time now. 
wait, you don't have to be a close friend of mine, even my facebook friends can see that i'm crazy over him.
(cause I recently put a picture of him as my cover pic) 
and after watching breaking dawn part 2, i didn't like it because there wasn't much scenes of taylor.
and very sadly, his only action part was him being thrown down by kristin stewart. that bitch! (haha)
he's the type of celebrity that I would dreammmm of being in a same bed together,
but yea, not gonna reveal any crazy fan fantasies here, the rest i'll leave you to imagine, haha! 
and yesterday I said to myself, 
my mission, one day, is to meet taylor lautner, and probably kiss him without caring about the security guard 
or the fact that I might get stabbed by his other horrible crazy fans later on.

one day, I'm gonna meet him,
and I'll do whatever it takes to make that possible. 
one day! 

thank you so much UGLYDUCKLING for sponsoring me this lovely sequin top,
my friend suelyn says it looks like a mermaid thing but wow, I never noticed that.
probably because it has a very nice aqua / sea blue sequin going on with the top :P
they're new holiday collections is dying beautiful! every piece is a surprise so go check them out!

and thank you JUJUMILKY for sponsoring me this ultra cute neon stud bracelet! 
almost everyone who saw me wearing this was asking me where i got it from!:) 
i could wear it with anything and it looks cute and casual. 

oh, and i neeed to thank jimmy for borrowing me this denim top.
I rummaged tru his wardrobe to find a denim top because, yea, I needed one.
this is what happen to my close guy friends... like I said I always fancy nice guy shirts from topman,
so I'll borrow your shirts till you got nothing to wear, haha!
I don't have a denim top and I know it's so essential but I just can't find the perfect one! 
for me the perfect one looks a lot like this (but female sized), and I"m very particular with denim tops.
I need it to be a light shade like this, and have white buttons like this, 
and the look of the pockets needs to be simple too, I don't like those who have weird shapes on them. 
or added studs or collar tips, etc. lol.
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to denim tops, and I don't get it whyyy are they so expensive!
and the ones that I like are from the guy sections like topman or cotton on for guys! 

oh whao, seems like half of my post is turning into a ranting post for denim tops. haha.

okay, enough.
all i wanna say is that, next week is the end of my sem. 
I can't wait to satisfy myself with some great books on my comfy bed.
and i'm gonna say it like every other girl say to themselves.
I think I'm fat.
Yea, but i mean it! 
so this sembreak. I'm gonna try to work out
(i can sense the disbelieves from my close friends now)

knowing me, working out, isn't my friend at all, it's my enemy.
I get tired really fast, and i'm never motivated to doing exercise.
in fact, I  think I'm allergic to exercising.
It makes my heart pound in a heavy speed and it makes the most girly girl like me sweat ! 
girls aren't meant to sweat, they're meant to smell good and look perfect at all time.
but, I'm gonna be a dude, this sem break,
I'm gonna swag sweating (ewwww!)
the sound of me and sweating just doesn't go.... 
but imma give it a try. 


onesixthreechirp said...

Nice style! Love your outfit! :)

Nora Aradi said...

Amazing skirt!

Lucia Yin said...

Love the skirt!

Victoria said...

You look amazing! I love your skirt. xx

- Victoria

cmichellestyles said...

Love your top!

P.S. Feel Free to enter my contest to win a free clarisonic mia!!!

kirstyb said...

fabulou outfit x

Floortje van Cooten said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep up with the great work! :)


Francesca Rose said...

this outfit's so cute! You look like a mermaid

Francesca xo

Marisa Violeta said...

You look so stylish! I love the sequin top!

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures!!!! I love it!!!

Mallory said...

I love all your looks! I have a weakness for anything sequinned.


(p.s. I feel the same way about exercise)

his little lady said...

You are absolutely adorable, girl! Loving this look and all of the pretty sequins! :)
xo TJ

moiminnie said...

You're gorgeous and photography is very nice! xx

Kate Sarah said...

That top is incredible! I've been craving sequins, but i'm always scared that i'll feel to dressed-up or formal wearing them. Great idea, pairing it with a casual shirt on top!
-Kate, xo