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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Win your dream outfit competition

friendly-fashion had this collaboration with Ami S (a famous blogger in malaysia)
to create this "Win your Dream Outfit" competition a few weeks ago.
Even tho i had a very busy schedule,
i HADDD to find some time to create some submissions to pass up for this contest,
(notice the capital letters, the extra "D"s and the underline??)

For this contest, 
rules are you have to create a collage by picking clothes to mix and match under RM200 (the budget). 
What a fabulous idea right??! I was so awestricken by this idea, and it definitely put a smile on my face :)

I always loved mixed and matching.
It reminds me of the old paper dolls that I used to have as a kid,
making paper clothes for them. shoes, blouse and skirts!
omg... painting flowers on them! memories! 
not sure if you guys share the same memories?
or was it all just about gameboys and barbies? haha.

and above all the fun, the rewarding prize is...
if you're the winner, you win the whole look you created!

anyways! getting off topic again.
is it normal if I put this competition first than my assignments which i need to pass up the next day?
haha i find myself crazily searching tru pieces by pieces,
deciding hmmmmmm which one goes with which one...
setting a theme for my "dolls", hehe, feels so girly inside :P 
so here's some of my collage designs, I hope you guys like it!

this is the 1st one i made.
she's casual, fun, and chic.
easy to hangout with and a bit more country style
you can see that she's more down to earth and humble right?
why country? it was because of the lil deers haha! 
and i love this orange dress that i made worn as a skirt! 

she's bold, she's brave and fights for victory.
she's a warrior of nature.hence the gold chocker on the head.
The second one i made was also inspired by the lil deer top! 
so vintage! it's long sleeves and a bit like bat sleeves.
 And i can't resist not putting socks with this bubbly cute shoes! 
they're not-so high heels which is why i love them! 
you can wear them anywhere all the time :) 
the green fishtail dress worn as skirt, the deers, and the earth tone colors,
really remind me of the fresh nature. 

Lazy cosy Sundays.
mmmmm.. with a cup of tea! haha
she looks pretty chillax and comfy with the whole outfit.
I would really be so comfy wearing this, even at home! lol
I started to get inspired with this rosette top, 
adding in the lilac hair like xiaxue's, socks and the lace! 
the dress underneath is worn as a skirt! 
chiffon and pastel pink is the whole theme for this dreamy lazy look!  

purrrrrrints on purrrrrrtints!
It was all inspired by the leopard prints stockings.
she's wild, sexy and yet a lil mysterious. 
the red shoes screams sexy and outgoing rite! 
oh ya, and by the way, the cat's not for sale lol.

What do you normally wear to college? 
sadly on those super lazy days, 
we usually wear jeans, t shirt, and sometimes sneakers right? 
oh gosh, what a bad fashion day. haha
why not rock this look with Topshop's yes TOPSHOP's baseball jacket,
and a nice fishtail olive green dress! 
and those drop dead gorgeous heels again brings so much more fun as a study partner right? 
haha, p/s. gaga shades not included :P

see there's soo many ways you can mix and match clothes together right? 
all for totally different personalities with same shirts or shoes. :) 

What's greattt about this contest is that you need not only send in one collage! 
i saw someone sending in as many as 15 collages?! 
really have to pray veryyy hard to win this !! 

i hope i win i hope i win !

here's the whole album of photo and participants.

and here's how to enter the contest to create your own collage! 

contest ends tomorrow so there's still time if you guys wanna enter ! 
goodluck ! :) 
and wish me luck please ! *fingers crossed* !


Mileide Almeida said...

Love the beautiful collages and drawings!

JULES said...

thank you mileide ! :) <33

Lauren said...

You are so very creative and I love your style!


Romi said...

Did you make all these? Lady, you are super talented!! Amazing! Now following your blog, hope we can follow each other! X

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Michelle Jiafang said...


JULES said...

Lauren: Your style rocks too <3 !!

Romi: yes darling! thanks a lot! and by the way great giveaway you have in your blog!

Michelle: Awww! aren't you the sweetest thingg! thank you my love!!

Jamie, Janae Julianna, Jade said...

oh my gosh I LOVE your style! You are an amazing designer! I hope you win (you definitely deserve it!!!) And thanks for your sweet comment over at our blog!

JULES said...

thank you jamie<3 you're so sweet!
and thanks for your new post on how to keep your photos interesting :))
definitely need to learn more from you! xx

Angeline Ng said...

why all the stuff so cheappp??? :D topshop baseball jacket RM50? :DDDDD

Angeline Ng said...

btw I love the way you design them so eye-catching and cute! :D

would you mind follow me through google connect friend? I will follow back :3

cheryl chan said...

Love your illustration!