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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is golden

Today is a weekend for me, and weekends are all golden right!
The reason why I say so i because my timetable in this semester is all wrong
and upside down and making me in a blur. I have Saturday classes! and that's lame!
sometimes even up to 6.30 in the evenings. so my weekends are not available anymore :(
oh wellzz, but thankfully i don't have classes for todays and thursdays so pweeeeffffh! yay ! :D
okay so yesterdays was "friday night" for me. haaha! i know this is soo confusing!
had class and after that got a lil emotional with the girlfriends about how soon we're gonna graduate.
and later that dinner together with amanda and almost cried again?! lol
i'm blaming it on the time table, it's really disturbing!
and for that i rewarded myself for some fun movie night with the boy watching Dark Shadows.
Tim burton and Johnny Depp. one of my 2 favorite people making a movie together.
The movie wasn't as bad as what some of the comments and reviews I saw.
overall it's better than twilight and i don't wanna give any spoilers here :)
also bought these. yea and i'm almost broke as a rock now.

• The Time of my Life – cecelia Ahern
• "that gal" – benefit make up primer
• hair serum – Loreal
• hair spa – Loreal

i bought this new baby for rm120+ from Benefit
Benefit has one of the best packaging designs for cosmetics 
but some of the make ups there for me aren't as nice as how the packaging looks like.
what cosmetics that could work there for me is the blusher, the primer, and the eyebrow shadows.
haha, i have to strengthen on the word "for me" because everyone has different views. :) 
but i hope i could change yours. lol.

I was really surprise when the sales girl twisted out the formula for me to try, 
haha surrrpised, cause normally primer comes in pumps or containers. 

I finished my previous make up primer from Beauty talks (女人我最大)
which lasted for like 2 years? I know i should change primer every one and a half years.

okay so what's a make up primer? for those of you who don't know,
make up primer is a base you put on your face before you apply foundation and after you've moisturize your face. 
and one thing that disturbed me 2 years ago was what's the difference between 
make up primer and make up base?! 
my answer is .
they're the same *pwef*

it smoothens the fine lines on your face and sustains the make up for a longer usage 
and it's very important to prime your face first before putting on foundation actually 
because it helps to block dirts and bacteria from your make up to clog into your pores! 
scary right?! some primers like mine also help to minimize your pores, yay! 

so a make up base / primer helps to give a layer to cover those ugly visible pores,
smoothens your skin texture for a more even make up that could last the whole day 
eventho if you sweat and get oily skin. 
normally or once considered superfluous, 
primer is now being embraced by many women as an essential part of their cosmetic routine.

I started experimenting with make ups at the age of 14/15 years old,
read a lot of VIVIs and watched lots of cosmetic classes for more than 3 years,
started to learn and even memorize which brand is good about make up more than my history class.
it's insane. I was almost a slave to make up, but i don't regret cause i don't need to spend time
researching and figuring out which brand provides the best primer/ mascara/ eyeliner etc. now
since i know all about it at the back of my nose. haha 

i know i'm getting a little bit off topic now, 
but the current color on my hair is black (the roots), maroon, gold and brown. 

anyways i hope this post makes you guys alert why the reason sometime when you get pimples
it's not because of make up , it's because you don't put primer 1st on your face :) 
I'm using my new benefit primer everyday now before i apply make up.
it's super light, transperant (not like some primers they come in different shades), 
and everytime i twist it , i get so joyful and girly it enlightens my heart, haha! 

so that's about it:)
you guys can ask me anytime anything about make ups
i would gladly love to share anything that i know . 
hope this helps and toodles ! xoxo.


vintage process said...

Really nice pictures!! I love it!!

JULES said...

thanks dear! same to you! <3

♥byAnja said...

i love that shorts, your hair color