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Thursday, May 10, 2012

So... you've got no idea what to do on Mother's day?

It's Mother's Day 2012! (well not until sunday that is);

Mother's day is a day to celebrate motherhood and the love of a mom.
altho yes we love her everyday of the year, but however on this special day
it's nice to take some time off everything else, and do something back for her.
haha, now if you don't know what to get for your mom this sunday (mother's day),
better grab some pictures, scissors and magnets!

I'm gonna teach you how to make your very own loving polaroid magnets for her.
filled with LOVEEEEE

I personally love love love taking photos. And always loved polaroid films and cams,
so this tutorial is a little cheat for some cute polaroid gifts.

P/s Another thing is that I noticed a lot of moms love to reminisce on old photos, 
it's such a hassle to bring out old photo albums from god knows where, So i thought this idea of putting 
cute small polaroid magnets on the fridge is a pretty sweet idea to do:)
p/p/s. I did sooo many, I'm giving my extra polaroid magnets to friends :)

so 1st step.....

write down what you and your mom love/share together!
it could be photo of you guys on a trip, or a memory.
Trust me, mom's really appreciate looking at old photos
don't forget to print out things that she loves!

so prepare: 
1. A mounting board/ cupboard, you can find this in any art store.
2. magnets! I got mine from a DIY store, you can get them in POPULAR book store too.
3. glue. PVC or UHU for refining edges.
4. brushes. one big one small to paint on the white paint, and to apply glue.
5. print out photos. 

If you're wondering how I did the Polaroid on photoshop,
 you can just download it right HERE
(MAY14, 2015 update: LINK FIXED!)

It's totally free. If you liked it and wanna say thanks, just give my FACBEOOK PAGE a like!

and I would be totally grateful for that :)

and here's the results, I've printed mine on different textures of papers.
cost me only about RM 10 ? :)

next is pretty easy, just follow the one, two, three ! :D

the cutting part is a bit annoiying,
cause cutting a mounting board with a blade is such pain in the fingers!
haha. you need to slide and slide and slide and slide x3. lols.
 but i'm very excited at how CUTE they turn out to be! :)
tiny and small cute things makes my inner girly heart screams! x)

being quite a perfectionist sometimes, i decide i wanted to paint the sides white.
 I find no reason to put an excuse cause you're doing this for someone you love.
and that someone happen to went tru terrible pain just to put you in this world.
I feel really bless having a mom to take care over me, whenever i'm in need, she's there.
When i was younger i used to complain, "Why is she not buying enough clothes for me?!"
but some how i came to learn to be thankful that i actually HAVE a mom.

mommy i love you! :D i'm making these magnets with all my heart! haha!

(End result)

posting a little bit of outfit post today.

a lil eye make up i did today to go out.
haha, yea, it's pretty too much,
cause i was going for the Japanese / VIVI look! :)

" Carry a book! you'll look smart in it "


dress : pastel coral with lace and lining from BANGKOK
shoes : black velvet flats from BANGKOK
ring : YSL
bag : clutch from FRIENDLY FASHION

It's a lovely day today.

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thank you all loves. Hope you find this DIY helpful and have a great day! x 


Sabrina said...

SO doing these photo magnets! thank you for this. also pinned it on my pinterest board :) x


JULES said...

aw thanks sabrina! :) post up pictures of the magnet in your blog when you're done! :D

Jenifer said...

Thanks, love those flats and your creativity

Tiffany Villard said...

I love these!!! I want to make them with my special ed students for christmas gifts, but I can't download the polariod template... it wants to give it to me as a PNG, not a PSD. If you can email it to me that would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

I would also love to have the polariod template emailed to me! I love these! I"m going to try to make them for my mom for Christmas! Thank you.

Hayley Stone said...

Having a hard time downloading this polaroid to download... Can you email to me as well?

I love this idea. And feel like you saved me for xmas gifts this year for grandparents. Thank you thank you!!

~Tina Baker said...

Could you possibly email me the polaroid template Thank you! These are super cute!

Anonymous said...

i would love the have the polaroid template emailed to me Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, polaroid template request (Pleeassee!)

Lindsay said...

Love these!

Lindsay said...

Love these!

Jaime P. said...

I was also hoping to have the file emailed as I can't seem to download it. These are so cute - I'm going to try to make them for Mother's Day! Thanks for the idea! Email: - thank you!!!

Anonymous said...


Anyway you can email me the file. I am having a hard time downloading it.

I would appreciate it tremendously.


amber bristle said...

Hello could you also email me the file?
Thank you 😀

Amber Rains said...

What size magnets work best with the polaroid image? Is it 3/4 x 3/4 an inch or 1" x 1"? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also need the file.

Anonymous said...

I also need the file.
Thank you!!

Juliana Lee said...

Oh my... Hello everyone, I am so sorry as I just read all your response.. Somehow the file link has been lost, and I can't find the original file in my computer... The only thing close I have is that picture. I'm sad to say this but I'm very sorry guys!

much love,

Chrissy said...

Hi everyone..

If you go to

you can 'frame' your pic in 'Polaroid' save, then print. It's free, and you can upgrade to use all functions. You really can do a lot there.
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

What is the best type of paper to print the photos out on?

Anonymous said...

Hi, What size were the prints that you made? I want to make ones that are the same size.

Bonny said...

hi juliana, i found your blog and this post on pinterest and i love the idea and the pictures. That´s why i´ve linked this post in my new mothers day-inspiration post (here is the link: I really hope that´s okay for you, if not - just text me and i will delete it :)

Anonymous said...

helloo!! i would love if you could email me the polaraid template asap! thank you :) < my email

Juliana Lee said...

Try out this link!

I just uploaded the polaroid magnets template!

Let me know if you guys managed to get it! :)


Anonymous said...

It didn't work for me...

Anonymous said...

The page says:

500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Anonymous said...

500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

This template can not be downloaded.

Anonymous said...

It won't let me log in :( I changed my password and everything :(

Anonymous said...

Anyone find a template to use? I don't have photoshop, nor can I download her file anyways. I also cannot use picmonkey as it keeps cutting off my pictures when I add the polaroid frame :( HELP! I have all the stuff to make this project for tomorrow except for the pictures!

Juliana Lee said...

OH MAN,... I'm so sorry guys,
Stupid link. any suggestions on what website should i put it on so every one can download the file?
Sorry, pretty noob at this, not sure why the link doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

dropbox usually works if you make it public

Eliane said...

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Amber Uraizee said...

So, did you just glue the magnets to the back of the mounting board?

Queen Bubu said...

I found your blog on FB and I really love it. One more thing is you're very stylish and pretty. I'm definitely following your blog. Have a nice day! :)

Dot Hardick said...


I love what you did with your photos. Did you print it out by means of a laser printer or an inkjet printer?

Have a lovely day


Sandhya Blogger said...

cute mothers day gift ideas

Jr. Williams said...

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John Adam said...

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Marlene Wiley Bell said...

This is a cute mother's day gift. I love this process. This is an easier process. Thanks for shearing this blog with us.


Prakash Raghav said...

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Give Lovely said...

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Heather Zapalowski said...

Did you post a new link??? Please reshare & answer the picture printing size. Thanks!!

Cloanie Chaco said...

I'm having a hard time downloading the file. can you send me the file?
and also what size were the photos that you had printed?

thank you!!

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