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Monday, May 7, 2012

So i heard you guys are interested :) ?

I'm bringing sexy back.

I was overjoyed and on the verge of rolling myself on the floor because i was super happy X)
I have grrrrrreeeeeeat news for myself and you guys, 
after uploading my DIY Tshirt cutting on facebook and lookbook,
I didn't know that I would get that load of requests, and nice feedbacks about the shirt.
many of you guys were interested in buying the shirt from me.
you see, i was planning to show you guys my 2 design (i did so far) for quite a long time,
and now that i've confirm my conclusion, I'm gonna tell you how's this whole thing works.

you see, I'm an avid of DIYs'. I love making something old, new again.
and i revel in most upon what i'm doing now. 
I love fashion, and this is such a great opportunity for me to create something that i love most! 
and to create something that people would wear is speechlessly great! 
I'm making Tshirt weaving for summer heat, if you think it's a little much to bare,
maybe you could match it up with a tank top, or a sexy bra/bikini underneath.
Tshirt weaving has become such a mundane phenomenon that it's getting quite boring.
however, hope you find mine an exception! ;D

so! if you're interested,
here's how the whole thing goes...


I charge RM50 including Teeshirt, for one design.
I hope it's not a lil too price for you, cause i don't have a Tshirt supplier. haha! 
I get my shirts from local shops which have guaranteed quality.
Well, good news is that I only charge RM35 IF you give me your shirts to cut! 
i usually cut guy's Teeshirts cause they're much longer. :)

so there you have the pricing!:) 

1 design 1 shirt : RM50
1 design your shirt : RM35

COD can be arrange, but fee of postage shipping not included :)

hope you guys liked it! ordering starts now so do
drop me a comment or email me at
if you wanna order or just ask me anything at all :)

it's USD 16.40 if you're from the UK/US :)

oh p/s.! there's a special discount for the first 10 people to order! :)

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