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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I met a new friend today

photo credits: MEL JUSTICE

outerwear : black half sheer chiffon jacket from VINTAGE
dress : galaxy bodycon dress from FOREVER 21
shoes : black heels from COTTON ON

as you can see, I think I've somehow out-grown my own dress.
I'm not as thin like I was a few years ago, and that's the saddest thing!
I never wore this before, and the only reason why i bought this 
dress back then was because of – clubbing.
yes, but however, I didn't got the chance to wear this beautiful galaxy dress, 
nope, not even once, well only for this photo purpose, like a few minutes?
haha. sad, so i'm selling it away ! :) for good use, cause a dress like this
deserves a better owner T___T goodbye pretty galaxy -ish dress! 
oh and i'm also selling off my black half sheer jacket! 
hope you'll find someone that you love!

do leave me a comment / email if you're interested in the dress/jacket! :)


anyho, i can't believe sem-break has finally come to it's end.
feel like just a flash... and ionically, i have the most tantamount 
of things to do at a very bad timing like this, haha. grrrreat! :)
however i'll always put a smile on my face and workkk on! 
I was overjoyed this morning with some good news i would like to share soon,
but for now, i would really love to rest and take a seat back to look at the time.
half an hour more till it's monday, and i haven't got the monday blues for like....
1 month ?! still disbelieving how time passed that quick in a blink of an eye.
sigh.... i love spending the last few hours blogging, and chilling in my room,
it really gives me some nice quality quiet time with myself, 
to look back and to look forward to the things that i wanna do. 

haha, well, I met a new friend today, and i named him Kobi,
as kind as a unicorn, wtf how would i know unicorns are kind, 
this stranger ran straight to me when i saw and called it Kobi to come.
as friendly as a dog can ever be, it let me pet it and stroke it's nice fur straight ahead.
i become amazed at how this dog could be so friendly, haha.
it's stray because it doesn't have a collar, and i could almost see he's ribcage :( 
sad for the dog, i really wish i could keep it, but it scampered away like the wind.
free and wild. hope that i could see you again Kobi ! 

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