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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What do you think about my new DIY jacket ?

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

jacket : DIY ombre cardigan from MASSIMO DUTTI
top : floral tank top from MANGO
bottom : red velvet high waist from BANGKOK
accessories :YSL ring , FOLLI FOLLIE diamond watch,
pendant from DIVA, collar from BANGKOK
shoes : black velvet flats from BANGKOK
bag: pastel pink leopard prints from TOPSHOP

Have you ever got an expensive boring looking cardigan laying in your closet?
because it's sooo expensive you can't afford to throw or give it away.
because it's sooo plain and boring I can't help but chuck my Massimo Dutti cardigan aside.
Breaks my heart when it's unused, and i would rather use my other cardis' during cold days.
haha, so without thought, i wanted to create a new look for my old MD cardi that have served me well

I got so agitated when the color pink occured but not white,
i mean, it SHOULD be white right ? and i thought it would be.
But however this was my first time bleaching my clothes,
so i didn't know that, magically, 
different fabrics become different color when you bleach it,
and if you want it to be white, you needda bleach it twice :) 
for me, this was an awesome fact i found out myself! 
because it doesn't matter if you're bleaching cotton / whatever material,
it all depends on the material itself actually, and there's no 100% that 
it'll turn out pink or beige or brown or whatever color 1st,
but it'll definitely turn white when you bleach it the 2nd time.
haha, okay, is anything that i'm saying making any sense? lol.

spellbounded and awestrucked that it turned to my favorite color – pink (!)
I decided to bleach it a second time to give it an ombre effect!
i even changed the buttons ! :)
With rapture i scampered along a sang a song. haha!
i created a piece of art yay! new cardi
looking at my new cardi, somehow taylor swift's song
safe and sound occured in my mind :) i like that song

just close your eyes, and you'll be save and sound

hope you guys liked my new DIY jacket!
and do tell me what you think about it cause i would always like to improve more :)
haha, i was going to draw palm tree on it cause the pink and blue
reminds me of the beach in a way :) mmmm, i can feel the breeze right now.


Joanna said...

love the DIY project! and those flats are adorable! check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)

Levina D said...

Oh wow! I've been looking for a way to revamp my cardigans, and this is just what I was looking for ;)
Thanks for the ideas!<3