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Friday, March 2, 2012

STUDS love! (YES!please)

lately i have been very inspired by studs, 
I've even bought a few different size of studs to add into my look
*I'm still trying tho.*
however here are some of my inspirations I've collected tru the net!
hope you guys like this (YES!please) stud loving series I made for fun!


ahhh. GAGA with her massive studs, lovely!

studs as long as the longest ones on her crown can cost up to Rm7 for one. (assuming)
cause the studs that i've purchase from Sg.Wang cost about Rm1.8 for the size of half of my finger.
Hoever i couldn't find any of those like GAGA's in Malaysia
(do pm me if you see any studs that long ;))
one tip while DIY-ing studs,
is to BE BRAVE!
cause if you really like that shirt and to stud it , you'll need to punch some holes in them.
try customizing some cheaper shirts to reduce heart ache if you punch some wrong patterns.
haha. go on! 
challenge yourself! 

cause that's what i'm trying to do now ;) 

happy DIY! xx


Anonymous said...

Hello, kinda random, but I was wondering where exactly in Sg. Wang did you purchase the studs? -Lila

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