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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A time for Relaxation.

Besides spas, going for massage, and making myself a delicious meal, many other things can be very relaxing for a simple mind. 2011 had been such a hectic year for me. lots of stress, lots of workload to go tru. However this is how i spend my 2 weeks year end holiday. quite pathetic right, only giving us 2 weeks after a galloons of mountain to climb through.  
SO! this is what i did for relaxing ;D 

 ate cupcakes from the boyfriend from wondermilk. (yum!) Christmas special
 ate amazingly cute (!) Bubur chacha back in hometown.
 sometimes i like to just stare at flowers on a rainy day.
 read a total of 3 books back in hometown, finished Chicken soup for Devotions, and Open House,
and of course with a glass of boost to Boosttup your imaginations.
how ironic, drinking and reading a holly book.

this is a picture of my lovely grandma reading the Bible back in my hometown,
there's basically nothing much to do there besides hanging out with friends,
the last time I went back to tampin was my (i think) first time hanging out with kristin and tomato,
lolsssss... tomatoes.
had a great time watching movies and eating satay celup and oh yeah climbing the mountain with them haha.

christmas decors. 
yes, setting up the christmas tree all by myself really does give me calm and happiness.

 this is the angle on top of my christmas tree !:O
 and a lil snowman i found
 Frosty's in the aquarium ! lols, it was my uncle's idea.
 close up of the cup cake snowman from Wondermilk ! ;D

 from this year onwards, i am going to plan my time wisely,
i think that it's not that "we don't have time", it's just that "we don't make time". 
trying to keep that "everyday-counts" mentality, it helps my day-to-day process,
instead of being very unproductive and lazy like some people are. ;)
 I had ran and skipped and jump tru racks of clothes and duck a gazillion customers when i had a glance of this lovely pair of basic pumps that I've always wanted but couldn't find the right one. It was on the sales item rack ! Even better ! thank youuuu Zara !
 bought a cute sheer pokkadots from Zara too.
 close up of my 2012 planner ;D

 today's breakfast. pork patte with bread (yum!)

yup this are new L'occitane products that mummy bought,
caused us lots of moola !

but all worth the buy cause after that you can have a lovely...

...bubbly bath!
mind my fat tights.

haha, 2012 is already here!
let's make some time to relax, and even time to play and study hard
wishing yall a great year ahead and may all your dreams come true.
I know this sounds chessy however it's what all of us wants right ?
happy new year guys !

will update my NYE soon ! x 

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