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Monday, December 12, 2011

holidays and the christmas spirit !

Here comes the sun, dodudodooo.

Alright ! Sem break's here ! 
Finally some quality time with MYSELF !
after enduring many stress, 
climbing over mountains of assignment everyday,
after borrowing tablets from friends and the school,
after suffering EVERY friday presenting our typography ideas to the lecture,

*spins and spins and spins* oH My GOD.
thank god ?!
praise the lord ?!
so glad god gave me the strength to pass this sem.
quite amazing looking back at those few weeks non-stop sleeping after 3am. 
waking up so early in the morning..... phew ! thank got it's over.
I'm saying this so much but i still have 2 more not-so-important classes to go this week.

But, during the weekends after my last hurdling run of weeks,
i decided to reward myself by spending a nice quality day with ME.
gowd, i know, it's all about me all the time right, pfff.
so it was the first time watching a movie in the cinemas alone. 
On my mind, anything would do,
puss in boots (i don't really like animation nowadays) , 
ombak rindu (some malay movie) , 
if it even takes me to watch breaking dawn again, will do.
 just whatever that comes out in time will do.

So the line was close and i spotted this badly designed movie poster with many boxes on it.
And the tittle was written " New Year's Eve ", 
it wasn't really my pick of movie seeing that i haven't even felt the christmas spirit yet, 
and this New Year? was a further exception to my pick. 
but i decided why not,
since there's Zac effron, halle berry, bon jovi, ludacris ! 
and etc etc etc other famous people. 
must be a very high budget movie i guess.
and turns out it was a real inspiring movie! 
i wanted to cry so many times so bad, but 
keep containing it cause i'm scared if the people next to me might think i'm a freak.
like, who's this weirdo watching movie alone, 
crying alone some more.
haha, seriously a frist timmer at this, 
however with the right choice of movie won't leave you in a sense of awkwardness.
New year's eve is a thumbs up 
a must watch with friends and family.
i definitely don't mind watching it again with the boyfriend or friends again :) 

let's stop worrying about the "what if's" and embrace whatever that will happen " – jessica parker


so after the movie was some real time to spend with myself.


my most satisfied early christmas present for myself.
i went crazy with the brushes, wanted to just get an eyeshadow brusher,
but just couldn't resist this Xmas special Sephora brushes.
and the 3rd Mist you Madly from Soap and Glory packaging just grabs my attention at 1st glance.

 here's what they have inside ! 
the sense is heavenly refreshing, but it doesn't last very long...
what a down side about it .
and the sales girl said it could last for 5-6 hours ! 
i ran out of my regular hair products. 
so yea.
I only use Loreal nowadays ==
other products can't are not strong enough to manage my dry tangled and fizzle hair .
damn sad. 
It's like i can never use sunsilk or other suckie products you can get from the market anymore,
when i need to buy hair products i need to go to an actual hair shop to buy them. :/
there's this lovely shop called TYPO in Pavillion,
it's has super adorable and lovely designed stuff there.
from mugs to journal book,
from tumblrs to stickers, decorations and frames.
so i decieded to buy this lovely 2012 planner,
time is gold ! and we need to plan ;D

yup, just being a kid again.
I bought the mystery toy box again for 20bucks and 
I really didn't want this one =.= 

minum and makan 

and finally ended my night with a lovely chocolate musk ?! 
haha, go try go try ! :) 
hehe. so that's all folks.
gotta go to bed now
hmmmmm early bed time, how nice
with my boyfriend next to me of course ;) 
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm <3

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