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Saturday, January 14, 2012

nothing much, just an outfit post ! :)

photo credits : MEL JUSTICE

top : topshop
dress : MNG
accessories : diva 
bag : from my best friend !
shoes : offline blogshop

cutest bag ever ! 
haha, btw jiazz, my mom likes it too ! 
she say it looks like it's from Japan xD 

finallyy i have some time for an outfit post ! 
for some of you know i've been working parttime again in diva,
since i have super extra time during this sem.
thank god for this sem I have only 2 classes a week! 
for this fortunate short sem,
I am going to dedicate my extra time for more outfit post ! 
too much clothes too wear
too lil time.

i really miss people taking my pictures by the ways,

I really can't remember how to pose well nowadays,
unlike last time where I was always pumped up for being the model,

nowadays being the person behind the lens, 
you know how you want the model to pose,
but when it comes to you posing,
you don't know a thing ! 

sometimes photographer wish they could clone themselves ! lol
well, big thanks to the boyfriend for always being my photographer in need ! lol

Did some furniture shopping in Ikea today again
bought my room a nice new curtains! 
and also a dainty floral comforter hehe..
and not to forget amanda's Carrot !!

haha i was overjoyed when i saw a basket full of carrot soft toy 
which she wanted like a hundred years ago ! 
and even got so sad about it being sold out 
at one point, she drew a picture of it. 


my room feels new and ready for CNY now !

can't wait for my next outfit post ! x

p/s.... guess who's got the same bag as me !!!
ahhhhhhhh OMG *faints*
I can never pull it off as amazing as Mayo !!
she is sooooooo gorg ! 

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yoongsin said...

can't wait to see more n more outfit post!! :D