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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm so in love with this one

so i was folding some origami pastel paper swans,
and i was so in love with each and everyone of them that i've folded !
wanted to bring some life to them ! :)

all dolled up to go japanese today
i really did wanted to draw a lil red circle on the side of my cheeks to represent japan but nah... lols. I really love this kimono-ish jacket/cardigan/etc that i recently purchased, but some how it's so hard to match !
no worries, my fellow friends here had helped me mix and match !

and here they go working their magic !
I really like these two photos above,
need to thank my boyfriend for being such a wonderful and patient photographer,
I didn't know that i had about 200 shots for today !

oh well, I'm heading back to hometown tomorrow,
will miss the people in sunway so much !
will miss going online cause my grands unsubscribed the internet at home,
leaving me 2 weeks of internet-less :/
can die.
oh well, i hope i survive!
i've been really relaxing the whole week due to a very generous sem break the college have given, been stuffing myself with Tony Roma's for the boyfriend's birthday , been pleasuring me with good sushi for 3 days a roll, been attending competitions, been chilling most of the time, been buying a lot of dvd's, been photoshooting, been editing a video i'm working on. :)
life is jolly good when you have alll the time you want !
anyways, like i've said, life has been very relaxing, so relaxing that i'm so free :)
so here's what i did this morning
So these are called "kuih lapis"
i don't know if they have it in your side of the globe, but in Malaysia, it's a local delight.
I love it since young , however being the ignorance food-lover i am, now only i found out this "kuih" was created by the malays, wow.
and i thought it was an england thing. :P

the word " lapis" means layers, and the word "kuih" means cake,
so basically it's called layer cake .
somehow like the same formula with the swiss-role.
and there are rules eating this.
that's right !
you have to peel and peel and peel until there's nothing left !
and try not to break them too.
well, at least that's how the way i eat them ! hehe..
and mommy said not to play with our food :P
and yes i'm going all gaga over japan culture, i just had to put my origami bird next to my breakfast. :)

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