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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

changed my blog music and skin ! :)

Another day Another Braid.
today's a cheerful day
despite just now when passing the road altho it was already green for me to walk
but a car wanted to dash tru and bang me.
and close enough I gave him a fierce stare at the eye for nearly touching my legs with his front bumper already.
I even wanted to point him my middle finger and say fuck you.
cause he seriously nearly bang me altho the traffic light on his side was red and he wanted to cut it .
but anyho.
wanted to blog awhile before starting my typo assignemnts ;)
I've changed my blog skin into this zebra skin cuz I'm in love with animal prints recently.
especially zebras and leopards :)
today when to Manhattan fish market and saw a video clip of them catching a sting ray.
damn :(
damn damn sad. I don't feel like eating any more fishes / creatures in the sea already
already having images of how chickens are getting there heads chopped off.
got a sudden feeling to become a vegetarian :/
why lah they all but the video of how they literally hook up fishes from the sea...
the video show the fishes/creature's eye expression summore.
like wanna cry like that :(
damn pityful .
OH well.
hey ;)
i'm totally fine now.

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