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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I hate being lazy, Don't you ?

I've been dealing with some serious problems of loitering around, leaving much free time doing nothing and practically been lazying my ass off in bed.

p/s: i think i should update my blog more often since i have more time now.
p/s/s: sorry i haven't been updating much, even if i did it's only a few sentences leaving you guys clueless of what i'm saying. i wanted to write about my Korea trip and what I did during the last 3 weeks of Sembreak but i was too busy doing nothing till i can't quite remember about it anymore==

i feel so useless all of a sudden, i fee like i need to explore the world but there is nothing much here for me to explore. i feel like i need to do something beneficial for myself that can improve myself in someway...

p/s/s/s: why is it everytime I feel the urge to write my blog when i feel this way ? pftttt. maybe you people should just stop reading my blog before you guys get my negative aura too:/

it's kindda boring here in Sunway ady, no where else to hangout except for Sunway Pyramid :(
ain't got no car either. Ain't got no friends here who HAVE a car either. :(
sad :<>
I need to get out of this NUTSHELL and SEE THE WORLD MORE!! lol
but ain't got no money now so quit the wishful thinking :/

It's a NEWYEAR and it's a NEW SEM for me.
majoring days are gonna be more tough for me i guess?
there's only 4 class in a week now, but the workload is more time consuming.
and I'm taking Diploma in Advertising and Graphic design.
Ideas don't just come to me LIKE THAT. cause i'm not a natural idea thinker
I get ideas really slow and this is the part where it sucks.
I'm also such a stranger to the outside world, I sometimes wonder why did i take this course again
until now i still sometimes question myself.
" hey . you. ain't a good thinker nor is great at having awesome ideas , why are you here again ?"
i still can't answer that myself :/
maybe i'm just going with the flow. trying to stick with one decision I made and try yo not regret it...

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. –Marcel Proust

OHWELL. somepeople just have the luck to be extremely talented
however. let's not blame it to talent and luck, better find our own way out right ?

new year just past. and everything's been swell.
except for the part where my grandparents are in hospital now suffering from Denggi :/
poor old people. feel so sad for them cause I can't do anything much :/

how was your new year's eve? swell? all i did was just go out and watch the firecrackers and spent some time with friends. LOL
it wasn't much because new year to me was like just another day.
see the people crowded behind of us. like WHOA.
haha, surprisingly i didn't drink, drank, drunk also. nothing for me to celebrate

my first day of new year was unforgettably tiring. emotionally i mean.
i was Laughing like fuck then i was like crying like fuck.
what a great way to start new year.
seems like it's gonna be a hard and challenging year ahead :/

ohwell. goodluck to myself.
and cheers to me and only me .
it's time to give some time for myself.

p/s/s/s/s: wait. i feel something random coming up..
I feel like going to the beach.. feel like feeling the sand on my feet

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