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Thursday, January 6, 2011

BABY boo

Sharing this piece of art with you guys :) i didn't really see the video, I just enjoyed the whole song from top to below.
feels so PAris-sy. feels so sweet.

or is it just because I'm in a sweet relationship right now :) ?
Haven't felt this way in a very very very long time... It feels just right being with him.
I wish and hope that this feeling would last. you said it will, will it ?
Well, we're not official or anything, It's just complicated HAHHAHHA.
well, it's not THAT complicated either, I just think that putting your Facebook Relationship Status as Complicated sounds more cool :P HAHHAHA..

being with him makes my day everyday, because he always treats me right.
everyone, Like literally every sees us around everyday....
HAHA. even the mamak workers see us there everyday, the 7eleven guy and our friends.
I'm a bad tempered person. and so is he sometimes,
but he is never bad tempered to me,
I love him because he always tolerates with my moody moods, and emo being and sometimes I get pissed off for no reason LOL.
I love him because he always know how to make me smile, altho he always say I'm the one who makes him laugh everyday :)
I love him because he protects me. Sometimes. HAHA. but mostly, all the time
I love him because he is just so adorable in front of me, and I like that kind of cuteness from a big guy sometimes :)
being with him is simple. yet exciting . I love his vibe and aura that is indescribably matching to my likes.
i love the way he always acts like a leader. it's quite manly and you feel so secure around him *blush blush*
and he enjoys humoring lame jokes to me that somehow makes me control my laughter so i won't let him feel he's TOO AWESOME lol.

i like it this way, i love him for who he is.
we sometimes fight but in a dash we're back holding hands, hugging each other.
Sometimes, i would punch/bite/slap/kick/push him away when he makes lame jokes or make me mad. Yes i could be rough at times, but he's so fine with it :P
but when he pushes me one or two times hard, i could be so mad HAHA. sorry baby about that. :P
feels good to be in love , and loved by another.
feels good that someone you love, loves you back as deeply.
feels good that i have you baby.

honestly, I give you my heart, all my love.
and thanks for yours too
I won't break it, and i hope you take good care of mine too :)

and baby thank you for all those times, I lost count how many times was it, you took care of me when i had flu a terrible bad one. you stood by me when I was so helpless,when i was hangover you where there to help me, you were there when i was drunk to save me from perverts LOL and the times you help me blow my eye when there were dust in it, and the times you gave me your Optrex to wash my dirty eye and made me felt better.

so many more thing to thank you , so many more things that you made me smile.

Thank you so much , I could hardly repay you that much
ILY .miao.

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