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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

REO Suites

Why hello there, where am I at you ask? Wished you were lying on these colorful balls of joy at home you say? haha, trust me I would wanna bring all these bean bags back too. Anyways! I've been reading a lot on blogs about this next happening unit place in Subang called REO Suites! You know as well nowadays with economy getting more worse, and EVERYTHING is constantly rising price – our food, our tols, and even our property! 
Unlike the ups and lows of fuel prices, property is one of the main thing that will definitely not drop low in price through time, but will only be appreciated more through time. Hence investing in a SECURE LOCATION is most important, when I say SECURE I don't only mean by the security 
they provide, but ALSO by the WORTH of the package your every hard-earned money is being spent on.

Having said, it's always best to do a lot of your own RESEARCH first before getting a property for your own. OF COURSE I still don't make enough cash to get my OWN PLACE, but hey, start young, get out, and do your researches, know more! Because folks, a lot of us know that property only gets pricier each year but don't take a step to do anything about it. So the first step I made is going out to find out more about the famous
  REO Suites that's been all the rave in the blogosphere recently.


Being single and young, I always wanted to get a studio suite for myself to be honest. And I tell myself, ONEDAY!! One day I will get my dream studio suite! Nowadays a lot of designers like myself look for a place to stay where you can balance WORK and PLAY. As a creative person, work is crucial to be taken "fun" with, they say work as serious as you play, and I think when it comes to getting your own place, I would want something that is comfortable, but at the same time productive looking enough to not make me feel bumped out all the time. I believe a place where inspire you to generate better ideas is important, especially working in a creative field. it is crucial!

Some lil things I learnt about REO Suites that I thought I shared with you guys:

Pool to impress your guests (CHECK!) I mean I'm fortunate enough to have a pool in my current condo, 
but NOTHING beats an infinity pool that you can look out to all the pretty city lights at night, with a glass of champagne 
on your hand, NOTHING beats that.

2) Less traffic and more "me" time.
300m covered walkway to USJ 21 LRT station, 5 major expressways, located in One City, 
getting around is pretty easy as the LRT station is also just minutes away.

3) There is 3 different types of units 
 TYPE A (370 sq ft) / TYPE D (454 sq ft) / TYPE E (609 sq ft) 
(to be honest I really don't know why they're not called TYPE A, B and C lol)


size: 370 square ft price: RM3xxxk
Extremely cozy. I could already imagine decorating this place in a very pinterest-worthy office house, haha. Somehow this reminds me of the apartments in places like Japan and New York, where property is so precious, they really take full advantage of the space they have. Hence, modern-day functional furnitures come to play. You can see tables flips into sofabed, boards pulled off from walls to form another table. INNOVATION people! Saves more space!


size: 454 square ft price: RM3xxK
Do you want me to sing you a song? ;) Please ignore me posing with the guitar hahah. 
But being a lil bit more spacious than Type A, The musician's crib looks like a nice place to 
chill out with some of your close friends, and JAM.


size: 609 square ft price: RM5xxK
This one which is almost 2 times bigger than TYPE A is called the "half-half" concept. This one got me at first side because of the partition where it separates rest and work, but still somehow has a balance in between. This looks like somewhere where you can bring your clients over for a cozy meeting, at the same time it looks chillax unlike the traditional working cubicle where the space makes you feel so stress. I think "youngsters" take freedom and space very crucially because congested place just "blocks" our creative ideas, lol.

So these are some of the things that I thought was pretty cool about Reo Suites
Modern and really targeting the "young and creative" people like us. Haha, 
if you wanna know more about it I do encourage you guys can drop by their 
official website for more info on @REO Suite 

Anyways hope you find this post useful for those who are seeking for a new modern day home!

Signing off, Jules


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