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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweater weather = cuddle weather

outerwear : ZARA / bag : vintage / top : COTTON ON / heels : VINCCI / shades & snapback : BUGIS WARDROBE 

The weather has been a little chilly now hasn't it?
Look at me, being so boring talking about the weather, haha, But it has been! 
and because of that I put two of my favorite jackets in my car now just in case I get cold.
One is a black leather jacket that's so soft and comfy to wear, and the other one is this one! 
A new jacket I bought from Zara just recently and it feels so warm and cozy like a blanket! :)
Honestly whenever I see this jacket laying on the seat beside my car it makes me just wanna crawl into it's warmth and sleep.
The reason why I put the jackets in my car might just be because I left it there and I was too lazy to take them

But anyways, like my tittle for this post;
Sweater weather = cuddle weather... D:
It's raining outside now, I'm still in the office (waiting for the copy) sipping on my hot chocolate, wishing I had marshmellows now,
also wishing I have someone to cuddle with in bed, OMG, to snuggle in the blanket and share the warmth with someone on a rainny day,
how does that feel? Gosh I can't remember, HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN SINGLE FOR?! 

I catwalk-ed for Weekender's Bazaar a few weeks ago at SOHO KL. and yeah CATWALK (I sound like a model now),
haha, but no, it was just a mini thing for charity. My heart goes to charity and for good cause,
a lot of my friends were teasing me when they saw the poster with me in the middle of it here *damn shy la sorry*
even if I'm not model material but whatever la, it's for charity and nothing beats the satisfaction of doing something nice for free.

I was 'walking' for this local boutique called Bugis Boutique and guess what, 
they were so nice to me they gave me this shades as a token of appreciation.
HOW SWEET!!! I wasn't even expecting anything! I'm just so touched by this gesture honestly! 
I never thought that I would receive anything back from this to be honest... but when he gave me the shade I was like,
"WHATTTTTTT ?!? FOR MEEEE?!?! " and I went up to give him a big hug... lol, I guess I was over excited 
cause I really like these shades! 

They're effing dope under the sun because at a certain angle it's golden and then it turns acid purple when I look at you.
SO COOOLLL. and insanely trippy I love them so much.
And when I showed them to my mom (who is a self-labeled professional at shades), she said that they were at high quality,
but I certainly have no idea because shades are not my major. lol.
So yeah, check them out guys, AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE CUDDLE WEATHER AS MUCH AS I DO! :) 

*cuddle with you*
*cuddling with air*


Nathalie Alexandra said...

Great style and outfit.
It has been chili too here in indonesia, too much rain.

have great day

Ellen Keating said...

Cool outfit!
Would love for you to check out my blog
Xx Elle

Deborah said...

great pics! you look great!! have a look on my blog and enter my new giveaway for you sponsored by

Ana said...

Lovely photo shoot!

The Marcy Stop said...

Amazing look and setting! Those sunnies are fab!
The Marcy Stop

Anne Stikvoort said...

this pretty look is just perfect in contrast to the setting!

Vicky Victoria said...

hey sweetie
just found your blog and it is so lovely!
love your style and clothes!
wanna follow each other?


Eliza Wong said...

Loveee this outfit! Love the casual yet girly vibes


Miss Eliza WonDerland