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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Superstitious Beliefs to welcome luck for the NEW YEAR!

goodbye 2013, and welcome 2014!!

suddenly I feel inspired to blog about this.
I think this is gonna be the most wordy post I've ever had in 2013, 
so if you guys have the time, bare with me here, because there won't be much (or any) photos for this post.


Facebook has been flooded with postings about the New year, looking back, celebrating achievements from 2013, and wishing for a good year ahead; everyone's looking back and reflecting on what had happened to them this year but for me.. I didn't want to make any new year's resolutions, and I didn't really wanna look back at 2013... Well because a series of misfortunate events happened to me this year and I guess I was running away from it to keep my mind positive and going. And yeah, you might think that HEY what about the good stuffs or the good times?? but we humans will always be humans, there will always be a part of us that lingers around the negative part in life, a dark side of us that sucks and gets drawn into the dim, a part of us that enjoys the uncertainty of the darkness and a part of us that enjoys the unknown abyss of depression news... That's why we have newspapers, TV, media, etc (which only serves and shows the bad stuffs more than the good stuffs). Never will you see a headline in the newspapers written " Oh Hey, that dog that went missing yesterday has been FOUND by the owner today" or news like "The weather is the best today at KL" or "Government tol price drop 50% off for the holiday". Never likely am I correct? People are drawn to bad news, that's why they buy the newspaper, but however my post today won't be talking about newspapers...

So a lot has happened in 2013, some of them are too negative that I didn't want to blog about because I didn't want to leave "negative vibes" lingering on my blog post, I always envisioned sundaesins to be a blog about the cheerful part of my life, but it is the New Years Eve now, so time to get rid of all the bad and bring in all the good. So here are some of the misfortunate events that happened to me this year : 

1) Got single.

 2) I got molested / sexually harassed by an Indian worker 
who works in the car park in front of my company's building.

3) My dearly grandmother who raised me up passed away May this year.

4) Got played and used. Twice.

5) Never got to celebrate my 21st birthday.

6) Got kicked on the knee by a random stranger, my knee was damaged for a month.

These are some of the things that I can think of that were the top "downs" of my 2013, but like wave that subsides a new wave replace it, like the cliche quote 'a door closes and another one will open'. There's always a lesson learnt in every misfortunate event; "Every bad thing that has happened to you, take it all in, celebrate it, embrace it, because that made you who you are today, you are much stronger now, seriously take it as a blessing because that made you who you are today." –was an advice given by an inspiring friend of mine who has left the country recently. Odd isn't it how one relates the thought of getting hurt and taking it as a blessing eiy? Honestly I used to think if anyone would to hurt me I would kill that person, but I never thought of it as a blessing / a motive of encouragement. I'm glad she showed me another side of seeing things and I will honestly take this quote and bring it forward to 2014, because it is true, what has almost killed you makes you stronger. In every misfortunate events, you learn something new :

1) Got single.
Was one of the most refreshing start for me this year. It was truly heartbreaking to grow apart from someone you've spent almost 3 years with almost seeing them everyday and spending most of your hour on, but you know after that I had so much more time for myself. I took care of myself, I went to the gym, got my mind off, lived a healthier lifestyle, learnt and forced myself to be independent because no one was there for me, I viewed life in another perspective. And basically I had more freedom, more time for myself and more time to reflect on myself. I channeled the bad thoughts away and tried the best to spread positivity instead of the negative. That was one of my achievements this year. Being hopelessly but helpfully single, haha. Heck, I even wrote a post about why I'm happy being single here

 2) I got molested / sexually harassed by an Indian worker 
who works in the car park in front of my company's building.
This was devastating and unfortunate... and I never mentioned this on my blog before but I got molested by a guy who always said good morning to me. At first I thought it was common courtesy to wish someone good morning and to give them a smile on a daily basis, but I never thought it would end up this way... To be honest, I didn't even tell much of my friends and family about this... The incident gave me trauma for weeks, and up till today he is still working in the same car park... Which gave me a stone heavy helplessness feeling in my heart but thankfully my company was understanding enough to give me a temporary parking space in the building which is extremely tight to get because of the limited parking... It made me realized who in the company really does have a kind soul who are willing to help. It made me realized that I could've almost got raped because of my kind gesture :( 

3) My dearly grandmother who raised me up passed away May this year.
She was the first person that I had to say goodbye to forever. I was sitting on her bed crying in her room after the funeral finish, listening to nothing but the clock ticking from the side of her bed. It made me realize how cold hearted and cruel time could be, leaving you behind dwelling in your own sorrows as it mindlessly ticks away. Even talking about this right now brings me to tears... This incident showed me how painful it could be to lose a part of you. It definitely moulded me into a more mature thinking person and i know that everyone who lost someone in their life are either a little bit more stronger or a little bit more vulnerable, I'm not sure which one I'm categorized into but I'm definitely more independent because I could really feel that in me after I lost my 'ah ma'

4) Got played and used. Twice
Who hasn't been there? It just teach you to be more wise and appreciate yourself even more.

5) Never got to celebrate my 21st birthday.
"OH why??" Honestly this still really bugs me a lot, especially after hearing your friends' story of their awesome 21st birthday you can't help but compare yourself. I didn't celebrate mine because we were all so busy with our final year's last semester, and I never got to celebrate it after that because well nobody would remember and it would be weird to say, "hey guys, let's celebrate MY birthday, you know even though it's already passed 2 months ago," right? From this I learnt which friends should I grow old with and to walk the walk of life together, and which friends I should just spend less time and effort or probably just evacuate. I learnt this the hard way because I was thinking about how whenever it comes to their birthdays I would always be the first one to plan on how to make them feel special, but when it got to mine they didn't even give a shit, and it happened not once, but twice, (or maybe thrice) ! I'm not a person to hold grudges, but if a person you call 'best friend' doesn't make you feel special in life, why put so much effort on them? Maybe it's time to evaluate your friendships. 

6) Got kicked on the knee by a random stranger, my knee was damaged for a month.
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade out of it. When I bandaged my knee, I made full use out of it, I was limping in pain but I wore it to the mall to the office, everyone gave me space. Haha, I learn that if you broke your leg, people are more kind to you.

So Basically I did have a rough 2013.
And back to the main topic today here are some superstitious beliefs to welcome the new year!
Not to be superstitious, but I did some research (almost 10 website) haha! I thought that it would be fun to share it here with you guys! SO here are some of the superstition 'rules' that you should do to ensure a better year ahead! Believe or not, it's fun to check them out!:) 

New Years EVE

Midnight Kiss 
 This tradition is meant to symbolize closeness and affection that we will have all year long
as long as you kiss someone you really love and care for at the stroke of midnight. 
To fail to smooch our significant others at the stroke of twelve would be to set the stage 
for a year of coldness. (That means I'm going to be single again next year!) 

Start the year off with YOUR RIGHT FOOT!

At exactly 12:00, step forward with your right foot to start the year off with…YOUR RIGHT FOOT!

Eat Grapes
At the stroke of midnight you're suppose to eat grapes for prosperity, the amount of grabs depends on the amount of sound made 

Open your Windows And Doors 
 You are supposed to have every door and window open on New Year's Eve, 
this superstition is to let the old year and any bad fortune out. 

Put Money in your Pocket
 Legends say you should be sure to have money in your pocket at the stroke of midnight 
to ensure that you will have a prosperous New Year.

Make loud noises
Like most people I thought this was just a way to show how happy we are that a New Year has arrived. 
Superstition stemming from the beliefs of Chinese culture long ago is that all the noise you make 
will scare away any bad spirits. Same goes to wedding bells that ring when a newly wedded is married in church.

New Years day

Don't do Laundry
Do not do the laundry on New Year's Day, lest a member of the family be 'washed away' (die) in the upcoming months. 
The more cautious eschew even washing dishes. (Well here's an excuse to be lazy on New years!)

Cleaning the house
Clean your house before the new year to 'sweep away' the bad luck and to welcome the good. 
Don't clean your house on the new years tho as that will sweep away your good luck.

Don't eat lobsters
Many say you should avoid eating lobster since a lobster moves backwards 
it could result in a backslide of finances in the New Year.

Say no to Chicken
 If you cooked any chicken based dish on New Year's Day, 
you will have monetary troubles for the rest of the year. 

Don't Weep
Don’t be sad or your sobbing on this day will signifies the continuation of this act throughout the coming year.  

Haha. Whatever you do folks, Make sure your last day of 2013 is EPIC.
make sure you spend it with the people you love the most and make sure you  spend it being happy.
Because honestly, nothing beats being happy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! 
wishing you all the luck, let go of the bad, and welcome the good! :) 
cheers!! xoxo from sundaesins.