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Sunday, July 21, 2013

STYLENANDA 3CE lip pigment review & tutorial

I just got my lip colors from 3CE and I'm so excited to share what's all the hype about this product with you guys!

If you haven’t heard about STYLE NANDA, they are basically Korea’s No. 1 most popular women apparel web store.

And their cosmetic line 3CE (3 concept eyes) if i'm not mistaken means you can do it 3 way:
 omg that sounded so wrong.

1. Lip pigment colour mixtures

     2. Lip pigment + Foundation = Liquid Blusher
     3. Lip pigment  + shadow powder = Eye shadow / liquid liner

 But I'm pretty sure you've seen this picture around facebook much too often,
PARK SORA, sora at the parkShe's so incredibly gorgeous it's sickening to look at the mirror. lol.
The brand has been all over facebook for quite some time now, and seriously it tempted me several times before.
and coincidently UGLY DUCKLING was selling them, 
and most of you guys who are my old loyal readers know that I always feature them on my blog.
I was afraid if there might be any fake product out there but this one was totally real! it even came with the genuine sticker. :) 
I definitely felt more safe getting mine from an online store that I always trust :)

When I first started adventuring into the world of make up, I never really like the thought of putting lipstick.
I always hated that glossy feeling on your lips and when you eat /  drink it's all over your food. ew! 
When I was small and applied lipstick it felt like I had a rubbery shield over my lips. 
Come to think about it now, it almost felt like I had a condom on my lips wtf.
Now whenever I applied heavy make up on the eyes, 
not wearing a lip color makes me look sooo pale and sick!
I don't understand why some guys like girls to apply nude lipstick, for a more "natural" look.
But I guess for me, nude color doesn't suit me at all :(

anyways I don't want to bore you guys anymore. here's the review! :D
and a lil tutorial I did to show you 4 ways you can apply your lip color with just 2 lipstick.


"OMG! pretty coral color!"

*paint paint paint paint paint*
and it's so easy to apply seriously! 

WALLA! (don't ask me why I keep bitting my lips) 
the name of the lip lacquer is called #FEVER! 
I love love love red colors, but i've always wanted to explore coral shade / orange.
this is a mixture of both and I must say at first I thought it was lip gloss because of it's packaging, but no...
it's LIP LACQUER. I don't give a damn what is that but WOW it's not glossy at all, I love the texture
cause it doesn't feel like you have condom on your lips. 
YO check out the textures here man! so awesommmmeeeee 

I even did a eating & drinking test just to show you guys how AMAZING(!!!!!) this color sticks on your lips!
All i had was a banana to eat at home and I did a GIF out of it, but blogspot says it's too sexy to be posted here.
so yeah, too bad you don't get to see that, AHHAHA

BAAHHAHAAHHHA i looked hilarious with the concealer on my lips!  This look is for those who think that the first look is too much for them.
just apply some foundation / concealer on your lips and dap in some red from the center of your lips:) 
I call this look the "sick, but I just woke up and still need to look sexy for my boyfriend beside me."
work it girls. 


ELECTRO PINK! from the lip pigment series 
dammit just look at all the colors they have here! I wanna catch them all like pokemon! 
I love how the packaging comes in a small tube! sooo cute! For this lip pigment it's better not to be applied with fingers, 
at first I jakun so I didn't know the color wasn't easy to be removed so it strained my fingers, 
but of course it could be washed (scrubbed) off.
It's a good thing tho cause it leaves a bit of a strain on your lips which helps to reduce reapplying constantly.
Do you know how annoying it is when cheap lipsticks makes you go to the toilet to keep reapplying your color?!
I love this cool shade cause it reminds me of neon disco fever! SO POPIN'! 


I love this one the most, I know it's not the right way to mix it cause lip lacquer and lip pigment is different,
but to me, it's the same, (HAHAHA) so why not just be artistic and grab a brush to create your own color.
Next time when someone ask you where you got the lip color from, you say:

it's totally easy, just apply the mixed color on your lips and darken the center with a bit more red. 
I'm telling you the color is soooo unique! or maybe it was because I made it.....

I don't think you can see it clearly here, 
but yo seriously should try it yourself. I had so much fun today! omg :) 

what are you guys even waiting for?? 


Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

That fourth look is amazing, never thought of doing that before! xx

South Molton St Style

Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

those lip colors look fab!


Marlen said...

ooo i really like the gifs, so fun! and i LOVE the electric pink one- what an awesome color for summer. and when i was younger i'd totally put concealer on my lips to make them pale. i loved how it'd look with dark eyes :)

xo marlen
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issa chou said...

you're super pretty great lip colors!


Jessi said...

i love your blog! great tutorial :)


Ami said...

I love 3 Concept Eyes!
Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

Closet Voyage said...

Omg I love the gifs! I've been wanting to try the 3CE lip pigments~ it looks really good!

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汤蕙蕙 said...

Love ur post so much, do you sell it ?

Alex said...

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