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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


dress : monotone dress with side zip from RAQULREED
bag : Hermes inspired ostrich bag from ALICEWONDERS
shoes : black velvet strap back from BANGKOK
accessories : blue embellished collar necklace from DIVA

I'm very happy to say that I got this necklace from DIVA for 70% off ! 
I've been eyeing on it since day one, and can you believe......
from rm90, i only got it for rm21 !? I cannot believe it myself either...
It's the Topshop sales again and it's already been going on for almost a week now,
and I've bought myself some really impulsive stuffs, 
especially there's this one Tshirt that i like, which i think is such a waste of money! 
haha, I can't wait to show you guys that shirt soon, I can't believe I bought it myself!!
Impulsive buy, but #yolo. 

so it's Monday again, back to classes, assignments, and stress again and goodbye weekends!
I didn't wanna carry this (^) attitude today, 
so I got myself some nerdy glasses and made this whole outfit look like.
"hey guys, let's study!" 

I was honestly very fortunately approached by Raqul Reed as she wanted to sponsor me some of her items! 
This one is a monotone dress that i picked from them, and i lovee the V-line which is not exactly a V-line, haha!
I like how versatile this dress is, when i first got it i was thinking, hmmm when can i ever wear this! 
but turns out when I just add a belt and sling bag, I could pull this look to class! :D 
I hope the lecturer have this impression of, 
"Hmm! this student is all dress up and ready to study for my class! very good, she shall have an A."
Anyways, you guys should really check out her site, which I think is super cute and girly! 
They also have sooo many unique Iphone cases from my lil Pony, to tribal prints, and galaxy! 
Gosh, how unfair, I sometimes wished that I had an Iphone!

but to those who love tribal prints, and actually HAVE an Iphone, you gotta check out this 
Get it before you regret! 
cause i personally really like the 4th one:)

love my new wallet!?
I always change my bags depending on what I wear, 
and I think that's why I don't have a proper wallet.
I'll just dump my money in my bags without a wallet cause some wallets are too big or bulky!
and I always like to carry small handbags! hmmm, who else does the same as I do? lol.

okay no one, 
but anyways,
thank you alice for sponsoring me both the handbag and the new wallet! 
I love that it can fit in any of my bags now so i don't need to dump my money everywhere now. hehe!
And i love the bag which can act as a sling bag at the same time! 
again, I'm so fortunately approached by Alice Wonders, who is such a wonderful person.
get it get it alice wonders, wonder alice. hehe, anyways, jokes aside! 
just like from the storybook Alice, she really does magic, 
and I'll explain why i say that soon enough! :))

her site is AliceWonders
go go, check her out!

but, for now,
I gtg back to rushing my presentation slides for tomorrow morning! 
wish me luck! 


Bellamoreway said...

heart the dress and bag combination <3 also your new wallet is super cute!!

Jamie E. Anthony said...

this is so cute! i love the necklace!

the girl never gets older said...

WOW, this dress is amazing! very unique, and it suits you perfectly! ♥

Michelle Jiafang said...

Great outfit!
I have a giveaway running in my blog now! Hope you could join :)