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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Have you heard of friendly fashion?

... are the words that are running tru my mind right now!


Have you guys achieve anything recently?
for me, managing to sell off my pre-loves clothes and accessories are considered one of my achievements lately. 
My eyes brighten at every selling piece i make because every piece i sell makes more room for my closet
 and it's given to a new owner who can cherish them and give them the loveeee that i couldn't give enough. 
LOL. i treat my clothes like human.
On top of that, you can also earn an amount of income for clearing your own closet! 
what am i talking about ? 
I'm talking about friendlyfashion of course! 

For those of you who don't know, friendlyfashion is the 1st ever website
in ASIA where members can sell,swap/give away pre-loved clothes for free!
How awesome is that?!?! *mind blowing*
Like myself, I hardly wear clothes that i buy and as a shopahollic, 
I buy and buy and buy and buy and buy until no end.
until i have to push and push clothes into my closet,
and when i wanna find a certain clothing,

friendlyfashion has definitely became my number one solution to my problem
pweeeefff ! 
and i find it pretty cool to swap things with other members
Go Green for Fashion!

& I would realllly love to thank the founder of friendlyfashion
for putting me as a guest blogger on their blog page
(they even have a blog & forum page! how cool is that?!)

How did I found out about friendly fashion ? 
It was a lucky day, like fate, cause the newspapers is never my number one choice of reading, 
unless I'm hell bored. I was on my way to Bangkok on the plane where i flip the Star newspaper 
and read about their site! I was pretty awestruck by the idea of selling preloved clothes online 
and then i told myself "I had to go home to check it out!" 
& 3 days after my vacation in Bangkok,
 I remembered what was i suppose to do. 

The founder had been super generous and i was jumping with joy when i saw a facebook msg saying
they'll sponsor me clothes/items for me to DIY. all of you know i have this
undetachable passion of DIY's, I couldn't believe what i saw that morning!
I had to reread the whole message again and again to get it into my misbelief mind!
hhahha! overjoyed, jumping with joy I leap to the computer and put a handshake on the message.
I'll be uploading the DIY video very soon , so stay tune!
in the mean time check out here for my DIY posts in friendlyfashion!

And the good news doesn't stops there!

I'm doing a free giveaway! 
I never wore this rose gold bangle from DIVA before.
and it's a waste to see it in my jewelry box untouched!
so i'm giving it away freee!


so all you have to do is just leave a comment here!  
as Simple as that! 
and i'll randomly select the winner via the random generator :) 
the free giveaways ends at 25th May so hurry up ! :D
be a member now and stand a chance to win! 

whatcha waiting for? It's time to clear your closet and 
let you unused clothes see sunlight again! :D