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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mermaid Feathers

Happy Sunday guys!

photo credits : MEL JUSTICE


top : lace and purple feathers from ASOS
skirt: sheer maroon from BANGKOK
shoes : velvet flats from BANGKOK

i am practically obsessed with this shirt now, From the colors to the lace and the button
 up collar, who doesn't think that button-ups are a total cuteness now? I always liked guys
 who button up their collars, it shows the structure of the shoulders, and guys with broad 
shoulders definitely turn me on ;D So i don't see why can't girls try a lil button up.
 it's cute, perky and definitely an instant style tip.
I like the purple feathers and a tint of sheerness going on on the fabric! 
gives me an indie, hippie kind of feel. hence, the dreamcatcher haha! 

also do tell me if you wanna learn how to do my braids, 
I would really love to make a tutorial to teach you guys :)
 it's ultra simple, super fast,and what else, elegant to the max!  
it looks like an arduous effort but trust me, i just took about 5 mins :)

hehe, hope everyone had a great weekend!
it's been a fine day for me,
discovered i had a Miami size swimming pool with a huge waterfall beside,
coconut and palm trees with benches, and even better, No one really swims there!
A huge ass swimming pool all for yourself!
and i just discovered it in my apartment today :)
just one problem....

I can't swim!
I'm like a freaking rock when it comes to water,
how in the world do you guys float on water?!
I was traumatized as a child by being really small in a really big and deep
swimming pool with my dad, he 'taught' me swimming the hard way,
which of course didn't work. I nearly drown when he asked me swim
without my trusty floating equipments, and he didn't pull me up quickly.
I stopped and I hate being out of control which is the reason why i guess
I've never really got to know how to swim ever since that terrifying incident.
I'm afraid of water I guess, cause every time i walk pass a deep swimming pool,
 I have this crazy thought of well i might faint and drown in the water,
till today! i still dread standing beside a swimming pool, Hah, crazy right ?

 Now I'm using Youtube to learn to swim. Fuck my life.


The Simply Kelly said...

like the blouse!!!! lovely
guess u r malaysian??? u make me miss malaysia :D
xoxo kelly

angel said...

I wanna learn how to do to do the braid.. could you post a tutorial of it?? =)

JULES said...

@kelly Hello! Yes i'm malaysian! :) aww, where have you been?! come back! haa!:P

@angel HI darling :) yes i'll post up a tutorial just for you <3 soon, when i'm free i'll make that on my to do list, so stay tune <3 !