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Monday, March 26, 2012

My birthday outfit post.

photo credits : MEL JUSTICE

top : detailed cross-stiched from TOPSHOP
bottoms : long lace skirt from SG WANG
shoes : Forever 21

it's been a long long time since i last donw a proper outfit post! 

recently i was able to have some shopping spree in SungaiWang.
bought my studs for DIY's and this wonderful Long lace skirt from 6th floor :)
it's originated from bangkok, and i bought this lovely earrings from the same shop.
I like the guy there, he's nice, and the interior is nicer too ! :) 
I've never really been a fan of Long skirt, cause i think that it makes me look fatter.
but this skirt was love at first sight,
when i took it out of the shelf I was amazed by the lace and details,
lovely, but kindda fragile. 
and even better, it was only rm55, 

I can't remember the shop name , but i'm assuming it's called KIT. lol

18th of March was my birthday, 
i didn't really make it public on for facebook to see
so didn't had much wishes from peeps, haha
i guess people don't really remember dates nowadays, 
i did it just because i wanted to see how many people really cared,
and i'm glad some of them do remember dates :)

and so, i had my most fav food on earth: SUSHI ,for my birthday
altho i always have them on a regular basic. like just now for dinner,
but i just can't think of anything better and satisfying for my tummy! 
haha! okay i seriously need to slow down on these good sea stuffs :) 

after that i pampered my hair for a super expensive treatment in Acut above
the bill was *ouch* haha! 
and i also told the boyfie to shave off half of his hair,
just for my birthday, 
and he did it , out of being damn reluctant at first. 
but oh well it's my birthday 

and look at the outcome! 
super smoothhhhhhh ~ wee~~

after that the girlfriends surprised me at night with a birthday cake.
had lots fun that day catching talking and chatting
so sorry for not uploading much photos cuz i accidentally deleted them from my cam

initially my plan was to relax in a beach and have some booze and coconut 
and look at the stars with the breeze in your hair at night with ze gurls.
but sigh. plan failed cause i had as final project to pass up the next day
oh well! :) 
hope i can do that ze next year! :D 

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