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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sums up for last week !

I was going to blog this post on the weekends,
but the weekends flew by so fast!
there was hardly time for me to have fun :(
but thankfully the last week had been gorgeous.

I brought along my dslr to class today to take some research pics in the library,
turns out there were more pictures with friends than my research.

tried my Japanese choco sticks ! AMAZINGLY cute!
was Iching's Birthday !
didn't took much pictures that day with the birtdhday gurl cause we were having soo much fun !
we had Crls Jr for lunch with some AD department lectures !
liek Reis, LIwen, Gabriel, vivienne, and of course !
the birthday gurl = I ching :)
then after that we (suelyn and gabriel) actually debated to have some green tea ice cream for dessert!

oppppss :X ate too much and felt liiek a big giant rat.

then later at nite i bought some stuffs from cotton on :)
decided to put my very expensive Juicy couture charm on my very cheap cotton on bracelet :P
haha, since I hardly wear the juicy one :(
and then later at niter, the boyfriend did some cool photo fun stuff on my camera that i deleted cause it was too cooler than mine,
I keep begging him to teach me how :P and here are some test shots.
hey I kindda like these two pics on top ;P
my boyfriend, always a level higher than me in photography.

Visual Fundamental class we were suppose to draw our partner beside,
well I drewed suelyn and she drew me,
but I don't wanna show u guys how good I was drawing suelyn,.
it looks sumthing like
oh yes I charcoal everything. It's super 3D rite !? LOL....
but seriously, nahhhh.. I was joking , I'm quite bad at drawing people I know,
if I'm drawing other people like models in magazines, I'll probably be better.

guess I'm only good at drawing idel proportion people huh?
kidding ~ :P

then it was finally FRIDAY .
I hate CGPP class so much !
it's damn hectic , and the lec said that this was only the start !
Damn hardcore......
OH WELL SKIP the STRESSful part!
Im on for some groceries shopping!
spent about 200ringgit for som
e of the stuff i bought !
and kewl ! they have soy bean mask in Watson.
and i bought this rm30 ++ rejuvenating Cherry blossom ginseng shampoo LOL
then i bought this lip color in fantasy pink.
Watson has improve a lot in their cosmetic and body caring products man.
I think it's gonna be better than SASA .

that's why i joined ==

long time didn't buy VIVI and Marie C ady,
and saw some rambutans and mangosteen along the road side !
super delicious ! and caesed about 27+ ?
it's quite cheap compared to the ones sold in the shopping mall !

and yeah, pretty pink lacey memo notes from Daiso.
JUJUBE honey tea.
taste fantastic ! and it's super huge !
cost about 49 ?
I should drink it more often, and maybe bring it to class too!
I was challenging my boyfriend for some "tongue fun" !
apparently my tougue is so long i can strecth it until the bottom of the yogurt
hahahaa. why did I came out with this challenge was simple because I forgot to take my spoon while eating the yogurt.
So imagine me liking my way tru the down part LOL

And finally Saturday came ~
i bought pancake the other day and was waiting till i was free on Saturday to cook it ! :)

prove that I did it out of pure flour , eggs and milk !

I was so freaking excited man !
1st time ever cooking pancakes, I don't even know what it's gonna become !
just followed the instructions on the box.
didn't know cooking could make you happy.
especially if you're cooking it for someone you love,
and sharing the food is an awesome feeling:)

this was my first try out,
when cooking pancakes,
the batter should be ultra watery,
(even more watery than the picture shown above)

while mine was more like a cake,
no worries! just ADD more water!
cause i didn't really measure :)
and it turned out to become like a ROti Canai.
then the boyfriend helped to add water and stir abit,
and it became perrrrrfect :)

OMG it's so freaking cute! I just can't stand it!!
dieeeee.... so cuteeeeeeeeeee :3

golden in color i swear !
damn anticipating to eat it !
and there it is TADAAAA...
6 piece of pancake....
there's more but I kept the batter in the fridge already

Pancakes with my cute lil japanese pancakes syrup with batter and jam and some apple juices.

what a healthy breakfast !
but sadly there were TOO MANY pancakes for us to eat,
and we were so fulled and stuffed with pancakes in our belly that i can feel the pancake fizzing up my brain,

making me make pancake jokes,
like i ate too much pancake it feels like my eyes are popping out pancakes!
or like my mouth is vomiting out pancakes but it'll be that exact shape (no chewed on )

pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes
pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes
pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes

gonna stop eating pancakes for a while.
and i think i shouldn't say the name pancakes, cause it's making me feel like puking right now LOL


i decided to go to the saloon since I had nothing to do in the evenings :P

too bad i didn't take a Before and After comparison photo :/

it FREAKED ME OUT A LOT actually when i washed and comb it.
it's like.
ah ? no more ady ah ?

then later on I had dinner with mommmy in ZEN .starting to miss my old hair back :/
altho can't really see here.
it's damn long.

learn to love it and work it work it gurlllll

and as for Sunday
it was rather boring but I ended the night with fun by watching
it's super funny everyone laughed in the cinema :P
I'm not gonna make any spoiler comments here,
but it's super fun if you're looking for a movie to chillax and humor


so that's all for my week :)
how was yours ?
did you do anything special ?