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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Black Dash New Hair

white lace dress :  TOPSHOP similar one HERE / bag : CHANEL similar one HERE 

I've recently (yesterday) have gotten to the dark side by giving my hair a tad bit shade of black! Why? 
Well mainly because I was sick of my previous hair color, and even sick of touching up my black roots all the time! 
It was costing me a boom and damage to my wallet. Every time I touched up my roots it would take at least RM200.
And because now that I'm saving up for an Iphone 6, retouching my roots all the time wasn't gonna be on my list anymore.
So i opt for this darker brown after discussing with my hair stylist about my problem. I was thinking of a natural brown ombre.
I couldn't bare the boredom of just having ONE COLOR on my head, at first I wanted to do a lighter brown on the bottom,
and a darker brown on top, so I don't need to cover up the roots too often, but after consultation, my hair stylist said it would look dry.
So ew, no no to dry hair, that's why I decided to do a reversed ombre ( lowlight = opposite of highlights) meaning, black on the bottom.
I couldn't afford to maintain bleached, fancy hair, I know a lot of bloggers do have them, and I've always wanted 
fancy blonde or funky colored hair,  but I know I just couldn't afford it :( but oh well I'll make it work!
I didn't wanna further damage my hair so I opted for this darker shade of brown, I'm not ready to go FULL BLACK yet,
it frightens me because I don't want to be looking to garang (fierce) as I know I already have that natural lansi face.
Again I need to stress this, if you know me in person I'm pretty wacky and goofy despite my lansi exterior. LOL

So yeah I chose this shade of dark brown which was in between my previous color and black which I'm thinking to try next!
I always wanted to go back to the FULL BLACK look but I'm just afraid it might look weird on me since I've already have 
light brown and light colored hair for 5 years already! Oh well, baby steps back to black! :)What do you think of my new hair color? 
Be Honest! Half of my friends say I look more Goody girl, and another half said I look more bad!

This is the first time in a long long long long time seeing myself in a dark shade, I'm just trying to get used to this dark shade, 
not sure how matching it with clothes would be like, but I think it might be a challenge for me to do cute make ups anymore, 
I feel that this hair color goes better towards the goth / grunge dark look, it looks nice, I like it don't get me wrong,
but I always felt that light hair colors on me suited my personality more, haha, It's hard to explain but...

Hmmm... let's just see how it goes shall we? ;) 
Have a great weekend peeps! xx 

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