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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A picture can paint a thousand lies

photo credits: MEL JUSTICE


top : sheer lace blouse from MANGO
bottoms : lace pants from BANGKOK
bag : pastel pink leopard prints bag from TOPSHOP
shoe : lacey jelly shoes from BANGKOK 

this is the best ever sunlight I've ever taken in ages.
I swear to god that i didn't even need to edit the photos!
except for combining them together,
other than that they're all original (still in a disbelief state) haha!

the whole look is inspired by this jelly lace shoe i bought from Bangkok.
haha, i match everrryyy lace clothes i had together and BOOM!
i really like the outcome :))
and bonus points for the sunshine.... gosh...
i could take pictures with this sunlight foreverrr!
sadly, the sunlight only lasted for 30 mins.

when i look at this outfit, there's something actually that i wanna talk about.
I'm actually quite soft spoken. and yes, don't laugh cause it's partly the truth.


"we all know a picture can paint a thousand words
... but most of the time it paints more lies."

My pictures on facebook or my blog most often shows a wilder side of myself.
most often my picture displays a wild, open and sexuallll person, aahhhaahaha! 
so sensual but however sometimes, i'm completely different! 
it whaos(!) me when i read an article in GLAMOUR magazine June issue,
this morning, talking about introvert people. 
the headline : "quiet girls CAN RULE THE WORLD"
haha, read it if you have the mag, if not let me explain :) 

for those of you who don't know what an introvert and an extrovert means,
watch this. and you'll probably get a hint which one is more likely you.
Introverts do like to socialize – only in a different manner and less frequently than extroverts.introverts can do a lot of things extroverts are naturally good at - give great speeches, schmooze with everyone, be the life of the party, charm the socks off of total strangers - but only for a short period of time. After that, they need time for themselves 

i like to spend QUAAALITTTY time with myself.
most of my friends know this, 
because i would ditch activities which are less important to me,
just to spend some personal time with myself from all this busy hectic life! 
not to say i don't like to party or i'm antisocial, it's just that at the end of the week, 
i would like to spend 1 or 2 days alone
I recharge and enjoy being alone doing things that i like! 
mother effing respect that people! P: 

I grew up in a place where ideas are wild and free, but however restricted. 
people in my area are being taught to follow since young.
we don't have much options or voice out, 
and when we do, the teachers just go "shhuuuushh! "
so from young i tend to keep ideas to myself, 
and yes, 
I won't show someone my work when it's undone, unless i need help and support.
I don't alwayss open up my personal life as a topic to talk about to others 
like how my friends would to their girlfriends, i know it's weird. 
it's also because i don't think people would wanna hear my story, 
even if they do, i don't see the point talking if my problems can't be solved. 
yes i'm a THINK & DO it, more than TALK it first kind of person.
Introverts think more before they action, 
haha that explains why i'm so slow to respond sometime.
I don't like to talk about things in my personal life which makes me sad, 
and so is the good ones, I'll only share it with my best friends/ intimate friends. 
hahaha this is so confusing, maybe you guys should just skip this. 
I'm just naturally like that.

oh one more fact is that. 

Introverts tend to dislike small talk.
Introverts tend to love deep conversations on subjects that interest them. 
They love to debate, go past the superficial and poke around the depths 
in people’s minds to see what’s really going on in there. 
Most, if not all introverts tend to regard small talk as a waste of time, 
unless it’s with someone new they just met.
in this case, introverts are people who are good listener. 

I'm sure people must think that I'm arrogant and being a bitch,
cause i don't talk much sometimes, 
well sometimes those people should reflect on what they're talking about.
if it's about something boring / small talk like your dog is sick,
then again, who really cares about your dog/cats? 
I'm sure that most of us are like that lols
of course we do get bored of listening to people complain about their life,
talking about problems they wanna solve 
but at the 1st point they should solve themselves.

It's funny that humans know they're wrong, but they just can't fix themselves. 

did some hang out and catching up with Vickie that day
thanks alot for helping me take the morning shoots! 
lol, after that i ended having evening shoots with Mel cause the sunlight was gorgeous! 
she also thought me a cool way of DIP DYE-ing your hair, DIY style :P 
which I am gonna share with you guys as soon ! :)) can't wait! xx

her birthday was last few days ago
everyone go wish her happy belated 21st birthdayyyyy! like few weeks late lols!! 
I bought a skirt and made her this DIY dream catcher birthday card
which FAILLLLL so bad, she says she's hanging it in her room wtf lols! 
had a greeat time in Marco?? some italian place in the curve! :))

everyone need QUALITY time alone sometimes.
today i'm taking a day off for myself,
bought some popcorns and i'm all cuddled up in my bed
ready to watch "UP" 
yes i haven't seen it before lols.

what do you do when you need to spend some quality time alone ? :) 
would really like to know so that i could do the same next time! 


K. said...

Woow I love those photos!
So romantic!;)
You look marvalous!

Erika said...

I love the lacy details in your outfit...

JULES said...

hi K ! just view your blog and you look so cute!! thanks for leaving the lovely comment <3

JULES said...

Hi Erika!
goodluck with your craft selling on etsy :D
thanks for the comment <3 xoxo

Destiny L said...

Lace seems perfect on you Jules! You look lovely! Love the backlight effect as well <3

PrincipeDeNembi said...

I Like the whole outfit!

Stop Stealing my Look

JULES said...

Destiny ! what a nice name you have :) thank you for the lovely comment !

thank you Principe <33 !!

pinkcherry said...

hi! I was looking for that article in Glamour on google and it led me to your blog!
I totally agree.. sadly I couldn't get that magazine! do you know where I can read that article?

I'm an introvert & quiet person too and I'm tired of some ppl telling me I have to change or asking me why I don't talk much :@

JULES said...

aww pinkcherry I FEEL you cause i'm like that too :)
but i'm so sorry i can't remember what glamour was that!
do try to search it up in youtube vids about intros/ extraverts cause their information there is basically the same with glamour :) hope this helps! <3

pinkcherry said...

thank you sweetheart :)