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Monday, October 17, 2016

360° BEAUTIFUL HAIR- Milbon Treatment @ Number76


If you don't already know from my other social medias, AND if you're not subscribe to my Youtube Channel (whatareyoudoing)
I've cut my long hair SHORT! Just thought I'd let you know first since I never talked about it on my blog before. 


It's been 6 days now since I've tried the newest 1st in Malaysia Milbon Hair Treatment, and I must say it is phenomenal. I know hair treatments usually leave you with smooth hair, but after trying Milbon for the first time my hair seriously feels like SMOOTH SMOOOOOOTH... I'm just totally impressed that it's not only smooth it's airy, it's bouncy, it's silky, and I can easily run my hand through my hair after many wash. AMAZINGGGGG

So a few of us were given the opportunity to try this amazing creation ONLY available in NUMBER76. Very proud to say that Malaysia's 
Number76 branch is the FIRST to launch this product in Southeast Asia! So anyho, let's talk about what's the hype with this new product! 

This is how my morning hair looks like after wash (no styling, no product), I know from the front it looks okay, but trust me, I suffer from frizzy hair, well because of my fine and thin hair , my hair tends to be more vulnerable (like my heart) So, years and years of styling, coloring, blowing, will confirm damage it quickly once you don't take care of it. I'm sure you guys know the tons of product I put in my hair to maintain it HERE.

In 2015, Milbon's research lab discovered a process for analyzing hair from a 3D perspective: bringing CT-Scan technology to haircare for the 
first time. That then led to the discovery SSV- a phenomenon that is a major contributor to hair damage. SSVs (Stick-Shaped Voids) are hollow, tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair, and which seem to contribute to loss of shine, split ends, and breakage. 

So in the absence of effective treatment, SSV's will continue to expand and further damage hair... Hence Milbon claim to discovered SSVR-Silk
A powerful, silk-based complex which supersedes the hollow tubular assholes that spoils our hair, improves hair's overall integrity, inside out. 

Step one in Salon Care is SMOOTH (Amino Oil) - Smoothes surface bumps
Step two is HYDATE (Moisture Veil) - Infuses moisture
Step Three is TOPCOAT (Smoothing Collagen) - Seals in treatment 

The treatment took less than 30mins to complete, next on is the usual drying and styling that Lucas did for me!

and walla! OMG.... Can you see the before and AFTER results?! Goodness, hair is instantly epic smooth, bouncy and japanese like~ Kawaii~ 
Honestly as I'm writing this post, I can't help but keep touching my hair and running my fingers through them, this really feel awesome and 
HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this to the people who suffer from dry, unmanageable, overly-processed hair! Seriously do try it and I hope it 
helps you as mush as it helped me. Who doesn't want soft, supple, smooth hair right?! *continues touching hair...*

Some familiar faces on the special event that day and THANK YOU NUMBER76 for having us! x

and SueAnn for being the very best and treating me so kindly. You are loved and thanks!

If you're interested in the JOURNEY of my ever changing hair check out the links below:

Seriously give this new product a go! You can find it at any Number76 Saloons near you!

BANGSAR : 03-22831776 / 2776 // MID VALLEY : 03-22870661 / 0662 // STARHILL GALLERY : 03-21416676 / 7076 // PUBLIKA : 03-62012776

But all in all, follow their Social sites to stay updated with any Discounts or PROMO! 

Bye guys! 
pst, I'll be off to Japan for the FIRST TIME in a few more day! 
Stay tuned on my Socials to know what's up!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pink N' Proper x Claire collaboration box

Are you SUMMER BODY READY yet?!!?!! 
Not really for me though looking at my chubby figure (and still eating ice cream). BUT! I know that this box's got me covered.

I'm talking about Pink N' Proper x Claire Organics' Collaboration BOX! For those of you who don't know, 

Founded in 2013, Pink N' Proper proud themselves as a local Malaysian brand that specialises in bringing in fashionable swimwear and beachwear. Their collection is chic, mixed with a dash of classiness along with a hint of elegance and sexiness. Making you look FASHIONABLE going to the beach! They have a pretty wide range of bikinis and monokinis! A lot of nice pattern ones that I like heheehe seriously check them out! 
p.s They ship internationally too ;)

While on the other hand, Claire Organics is a all natural handcrafted skin & body care brand in Malaysia. Their products are specially formulated with natural remedies, packed with nourishing and healing skin benefits which is great for all skin types and sensitive skin and ALSO for babies and pregnant mommies. Fun fact is that they were created by the love of a mom to provide the best for her baby. The brand name Claire also came after her baby girl 'Norra Claire' which means 'clear and pure' in French which is exactly what the brand stands for. 

Now that you've known a lil more about the brand, today I'll be showing you what they've collaborated in this AMAZING BOX!

At first my mom thought it was cake because of the cute lace packaging. ROFL MOM OMG
It was sooooo funny when she was all surprise and excited there was cake on the dining table at home, but turns out it's:

1.  Max Azria Cross Back Bikini Set in Black
2. Inflatable pink flamingo Drink Holder
3. Claire Sunscreen
4. Claire Luscious cocoa Lip balm and Lotion for dry skin
5. Claire Candy Soap in Rose Hip

The price of the box is only RM99, which is totally worth the money considering the fact that it's ORIGINAL PRICE is RM200 !!! This collaboration will only last for 4 months, and every month, the contents will change from both brands! How exciting, I can't wait to see what's next! But no worries, cause customers will be able to choose from 4 different swimwear designs every month as well. Awesome! The people from Pink N' Proper were kind enough to drop me a code for you guys, SO if you're thinking of getting a box, use my code "SUNDAESINS10" to get 10% OFF!

First, can we take some time to appreciate how awesome this bikini is?! My usual outfits are like my current bikinis in my wardrobe; Loud, patternful, and colorful. I needed something minimal (toned down) BUT I always wanted it to have a little something. I just can't see myself buying or getting a bikini which is just PLAIN... so THANK GOD FOR THIS ONE because it fits what I'm looking for! It's a plain bikini with a twist! OMG I love this bikini!!!!! The criss-cross thing makes this bikini absolutely to die for! And it's so smart that actually IF you don't like the cross-back thing (like tell me who doesn't) YOU CAN TAKE IT OUT! Just look at THIS PIC to get a better idea. ONE bikini, 3 different ways to wear it. Money well spent! 

Next is this extremely adorable inflatable pink flamingo drink holder from Pink N' Proper. This one is SOOO CUTE, I always wanted the BIG ONE where you can chill and lay down on in the pool reading your book while you act all 'Datin', but I guess I'm starting small with this one first. 
Which is currently sitting on my table desk holding my phone while I type away on the keyboard right now. 

Here it's not carrying a coke, but it's carrying all Claire Organics product - a sunscreen, a lotion, and a bar of soap. 
By the way, all of their things are HANDMADE with LOVE, and you know I'm a sucker for anything handmade.

These are definitely my fav, I can't decide which one I love more (sunscreen or the body balm) BUT what I absolutely adore is the medium and 
the size, EXTREMELY good for traveling and which is what I NEED! I can put this in my bag and it won't make me feel like I'm carrying the whole Guardian store! The weight feels exactly like carrying AA batteries, which is great! I love how it's not in liquid form as well because it won't spill here and there in your bag when you're traveling. Three of these products smells very similar, it almost smells like a spa-like kindda scent! Which is extremely relaxing whenever I open them I imagine myself having a good massage. 

Again thank you so much Pink N' Proper for dropping me this awesome box. Guys, remember if you wanna purchase it, go to , enter my code 'SUNDAESINS10' (pst, it's case sensitive so make sure it's ALL CAPS) and enjoy 10% off your next box! 

Hope to see you guys in some fine rocking ass bikinis with smooth skin! ;) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Basics with #ChristyNgShoes / Review

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I've gotten the opportunity to try out some really gorgeous shoes from ChristyNg. For those of you who don't know, they're actually a pretty well-known brand home-grown from Malaysia which started just 6 years ago, some say they're the next Jimmy Choo of Malaysia?! All fully handmade and manufactured in Malaysia as well! For those of you who enjoy shopping at your finger tips, you can find their latest arrivals on their website BTW, they ship internationally, so for my non-Malaysian readers, fret not! OR if you'd prefer an 'on-ground testing how the products look and feel like (like me) you can head over to their Main Store at Jaya One. OR you could read my blog and I'll try to explain my experience after trying some of these shoes out.

Most of the shoes that I choose were basics, well because you know...

Over the years, I've been buying and buying printed clothing, patterned shoes, flamboyant hats, my hair was always in a different shade of color these days, and don't get me started with my lipsticks! (They go on a Brinjal Purple kindda day to Chili Red kindda night) Conclusion is that the outfits that I usually throw into my shopping cart is usually very LOUD, same goes to my shoes as well, I tend to lend more towards the funky edge. But I knew that needed to stop because I didn't wanna be a walking loudspeaker, I needed to tone down my look with some Back-to-Basics!
So these are some of my picks that I'd like to share with you!

Black - to - Basics
Daily kindda heels

ps. Do you like the name Black-to-Basics ??

Ayyyyyyyyy.... thought about it myself! lol

When it comes to basics, the first thing that comes to mind is the white top with the blue jeans. But all can only go right in place with these
Mayer Black heels which are extremely comfy not to mention easy to match with ANY outfit seriously. I'm a fan for heels with straps like these.
So basic but yet so chic! And especially when it comes in this suede material, it just makes it look so much more elegant!

Nude- so - Simple
Casual kindda heels
(yes I'm a very punny person lol)

Second one is another classic. Everyone needs a pair of nude heels in their life, mine just so happen to be called Petra Nude . Seriously extremely comfy I feel like I can run with these fine nude color babies! One thing I like about nude shoes is that they instantly give you a lift that doesn't look very obvious. The ones I have on come with platforms as well, but funny how I find that I walk easier when it comes to platform heels. Again one of the basics that goes well with literally anything, like this casual outfit for coffee or maybe out to see some soccer game (or maybe just watching that cutie playing soccer and waiting for him to come by lol)

Metallic Fanatic
Evening kindda heels

My Marissa Silver heels are so glammmmm I love them! I can see myself totally rocking these on office grounds! Who says office wears are boring, these shoes are really vibrate and bright metallic silver which the inner-funky me loves! After working hours, get ready to hit the dance floor with these bling bling subtle sparkles behind! And also the 3 straps really help provide maximum protection so you won't be losing your glass slippers like cinderella after midnight ;)

Gold Glam
Dinner kindda heels

 I saved the best to last! I feel in love with them the first time I saw them on ChristyNg's instagram page. They're called the Chloe Gold heels and they look absolutely divine, even so when I got them and they were extra comfy. They are these glamorous gold basic heels which I think every girl should have! Thin straps elongates your legs, but thin gold straps gives an illusion of glowing silky skin on your long legs! And I'm extra lovin' the shorter heels that gives you a slight lift behind, it's a dream come true for your feet when it comes to long walks on rocky unstable roads. These shoes with lower heels are so charming to me I love it!


So that's all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this review and hope you find it helpful on deciding your purchase with ChristyNg shoes.
They come out with new designs  all the time so be sure to always check out their website at
or #ChristyNgShoes to see what's other people wearing on instagram :)

And if that's not enough to excite you, There's also a "Design Your Own" Button on the website!!! Which means that you can pick your own COLOR, TEXTURE, PRINT, and SHAPE of your shoe! I think this is a really great idea when it comes to bride-maids shoes, or just for the people who like to customize their own one of a kind shoes! 

Anyways, happy shoe-shopping! ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

REO Suites

Why hello there, where am I at you ask? Wished you were lying on these colorful balls of joy at home you say? haha, trust me I would wanna bring all these bean bags back too. Anyways! I've been reading a lot on blogs about this next happening unit place in Subang called REO Suites! You know as well nowadays with economy getting more worse, and EVERYTHING is constantly rising price – our food, our tols, and even our property! 
Unlike the ups and lows of fuel prices, property is one of the main thing that will definitely not drop low in price through time, but will only be appreciated more through time. Hence investing in a SECURE LOCATION is most important, when I say SECURE I don't only mean by the security 
they provide, but ALSO by the WORTH of the package your every hard-earned money is being spent on.

Having said, it's always best to do a lot of your own RESEARCH first before getting a property for your own. OF COURSE I still don't make enough cash to get my OWN PLACE, but hey, start young, get out, and do your researches, know more! Because folks, a lot of us know that property only gets pricier each year but don't take a step to do anything about it. So the first step I made is going out to find out more about the famous
  REO Suites that's been all the rave in the blogosphere recently.


Being single and young, I always wanted to get a studio suite for myself to be honest. And I tell myself, ONEDAY!! One day I will get my dream studio suite! Nowadays a lot of designers like myself look for a place to stay where you can balance WORK and PLAY. As a creative person, work is crucial to be taken "fun" with, they say work as serious as you play, and I think when it comes to getting your own place, I would want something that is comfortable, but at the same time productive looking enough to not make me feel bumped out all the time. I believe a place where inspire you to generate better ideas is important, especially working in a creative field. it is crucial!

Some lil things I learnt about REO Suites that I thought I shared with you guys:

Pool to impress your guests (CHECK!) I mean I'm fortunate enough to have a pool in my current condo, 
but NOTHING beats an infinity pool that you can look out to all the pretty city lights at night, with a glass of champagne 
on your hand, NOTHING beats that.

2) Less traffic and more "me" time.
300m covered walkway to USJ 21 LRT station, 5 major expressways, located in One City, 
getting around is pretty easy as the LRT station is also just minutes away.

3) There is 3 different types of units 
 TYPE A (370 sq ft) / TYPE D (454 sq ft) / TYPE E (609 sq ft) 
(to be honest I really don't know why they're not called TYPE A, B and C lol)


size: 370 square ft price: RM3xxxk
Extremely cozy. I could already imagine decorating this place in a very pinterest-worthy office house, haha. Somehow this reminds me of the apartments in places like Japan and New York, where property is so precious, they really take full advantage of the space they have. Hence, modern-day functional furnitures come to play. You can see tables flips into sofabed, boards pulled off from walls to form another table. INNOVATION people! Saves more space!


size: 454 square ft price: RM3xxK
Do you want me to sing you a song? ;) Please ignore me posing with the guitar hahah. 
But being a lil bit more spacious than Type A, The musician's crib looks like a nice place to 
chill out with some of your close friends, and JAM.


size: 609 square ft price: RM5xxK
This one which is almost 2 times bigger than TYPE A is called the "half-half" concept. This one got me at first side because of the partition where it separates rest and work, but still somehow has a balance in between. This looks like somewhere where you can bring your clients over for a cozy meeting, at the same time it looks chillax unlike the traditional working cubicle where the space makes you feel so stress. I think "youngsters" take freedom and space very crucially because congested place just "blocks" our creative ideas, lol.

So these are some of the things that I thought was pretty cool about Reo Suites
Modern and really targeting the "young and creative" people like us. Haha, 
if you wanna know more about it I do encourage you guys can drop by their 
official website for more info on @REO Suite 

Anyways hope you find this post useful for those who are seeking for a new modern day home!

Signing off, Jules