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Friday, July 12, 2013

Let's dance Everynight.

when someone mentions about sales
 "yes, yes? Did someone mention my name?"

when you talk about parties and friday nights
"I heard you like to drink?"

on a sunday night
"AW man, it's Monday already?!"

haha. I kid. I'm obviously just having total fun with my hair flip shoots :P
photo credits all goes my bff JIM. (check him out seriously!)
he's so talented i didn't even need to edit the photos.
I like them slightly over-exposed and white-ish like that :)

so anyways... IT"SSSS FRIDAY PEEPS!
I'll be rocking the dancefloor with these awesome bargains that I just got recently tonight! woohoo!
I'm so excited for the weekends again, come on! who isn't?
in a few more hours I can get to chill and drink again.
what are you guys up to this Friday night? I want to know ;)

^ what is wrong with my face! lol

ootn : awesome pawsome leather jacket from Fashion Sanity
 button up lace top from TOPSHOP (30% off), leather skirt from ZARA (50% off),
metallic heels from ZARA that I always wanted (30% off), perspec earrings from DIVA (70% off)

seriously the only time I go nuts and shop like an animal is during the sales.
I rarely shop during the not-sales season cause I'm such a typical Malaysian auntie.
you know the ones who finds pleasure in only cheap or discounted items,
the typical auntie who will fight with a stranger who grabs the same item,
the auntie who stares at you if you come near to her territory (still checking out the rack for sizes)
YUP, that pretty much describes me when I'm on animal sales mood, haha. It's embarrassing!
haha, If only my purse was as big as my passion for fashion.

That's all for now! 
I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and their weekends! woohoo! 
\ove you guys xx

BTW, check out Mr FLUFF, he's fucking insane.
 a true local edm spinner that I just met last last last week or so.
He spins at Vertigo every Saturday and OMG. he sings and spins at the same time! (that's fucking sexy!)
he's got me hooked man, only a good dj does that. go there and experience the real thing now!
haha, I can't get over this song! :) adious!


Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

Great photos!!! You look amazing on you. Have a grat weekend!

I also want to let you know I have a giveaway on my blog.
Please feel free to enter.

Cheers, Jacquie

Anny Barros said...

cute and beautiful pics :)

Adriana Contreras said...

Lovely photos girl! Your outfit is awesome! You look gorgeous! I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime if you'd like! :)


these pics are awesome and the shoes rock!

Marta said...

Love your outfit,and the shoes are brilliant!You look so pretty:)
new post: Denim shorts with lace flower.

Filipa Moreira said...

Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!


fiufiu and ulala said...

You look graet ! ! !

Melissa said...

great photos, and love the outfit!

Cécile mzl said...

very beautiful hair! I love that.